Who is Ryan Martin wife? Secret Behind the Wonderful Chemistry

Do you have any idea about Ryan Martin? Do you know who is Ryan Martin wife? What does he do? Where is he now? What is his net worth? How old is he? Does he have kids or not? We will answer all your questions and clear the suspense.

But first, have you heard of Street Outlaws? Have you seen any episodes on Discovery? Or even what is Street Outlaws all about?

Well, Street Outlaws was first aired in 2013. The main idea behind the show was to let the audiences know about the world of street racing.

Not only that, the crew members of the show would actually hit the roads with some remarkable cars and drive them off the streets. Also, they give tours about how the car is created.

Ryan Martin is one of the members of the Street Outlaws.

Who is Ryan Martin?

Ryan is a part of the Oklahoma City team. He is also the co-owner of B&R performance. Ryan features on the Street Outlaws show. A few seasons back he decided he was ready to take to the streets in his super-fast Camaro.

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Interestingly, Ryan and Cherish met on a blind date and the racer has been madly in love with his lady ever since.

Meet Ryan Martin wife

Ryan Martin wife is Cherish Casey. They both met on a blind date. Their love sparkles like a bright shining star. Together they have a son named Dax.

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Like Ryan Martin has his name @FireballCamaro, Cherish has her IG handle @mama_fireball.

We will take you through Ryan Martin’s wife’s details.

Ryan Martin wife
Image Source: Instagram

Ryan and Cherish are married for seven years. They have a son named Dax and love sharing his pictures on their Instagram accounts.

Cherish is an Oklahoma City Community College graduate who previously worked in finance at Volkswagen of Edmond. She is from Oklahoma and loves being a stay-at-home mom.

Cherish is often seen helping Ryan in his Street Outlaw work. She supports her husband, Ryan full-time and often engages herself in selling merchandise related to street racing.

None of them wears wedding rings so people speculate that they ain’t even married. But the truth is that the couple is married for seven years now.

Secrets behind their wonderful chemistry

  • Evidently, their cutesy pictures tell us that the couple is much in love
  • Formerly, Cherish posted a cute post on Instagram saying, “I’m so grateful I went on that blind date with you (back then, if you googled Ryan Martin, nothing came up). You are the best thing to ever happen to me, thank you for making all my dreams come true.”
  • Praising each other often is another secret behind their chemistry
  • Immense love for each other
  • Evidently, they both are dedicated to the family
  • Even though Ryan has such high-risk work, unquestionably, the support comes from Cherish
  • Once in a while, it is necessary to go out on a date with your partner
  • Supporting your partner in every decision
  • Honoring or praising your partner often is another key
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What are your secrets in keeping your chemistry strong with your partner? Don’t forget to share in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Who is Ryan Martin’s wife?

Ryan Martin’s wife is Cherish Casey

2. What does Ryan Martin do for a living?

Ryan is a racer and runs an auto shop, B&R Performance

3. What is Ryan Martin’s top speed?

The turbocharged small-block combination cranked out a best pass of 4.59 at 161 mph

4. What is Ryan Martin’s age?

Born in 1977, he is 46 years as of today

5. Does Ryan Martin have a kid?

Yes. He has a young boy named Dax

6. Who sponsors Ryan Martin?


7. Are there any crew members in Ryan Martin’s team?

Yes. Crew chief Javier Canales and legendary Pro Line Racing tuner Steve Petty

8. How much HP does Ryan’s car have?



Ryan Martin wife Cherish Casey, applauds her husband for securing the grand America’s List title recently. She has been a true support for the racer.

Cherish often supports her husband in selling merchandise and promoting street races.

As I have stated earlier also, both share a strong bond together.

Sadly, Ryan Martin is often confused with Ryan Fellow, who passed away while racing. Ryan Fellow was driving a Nissan, and suddenly his car caught fire. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get out of the car in time and die on the spot. Two children and a wife survive him.

Ryan has recently posted teasers about the new season of car racing that starts in June.

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