Julian Sands’ Brother Has Lost Hope To Find Him Alive

Julian Sands was last seen on January 13, 2023, before he went hiking on Mount Baldy. He has been missing since then. We have been looking out for Julian Sands’ updates so that we can let our readers know the latest whereabouts of the British actor.

Sands has repeatedly mentioned in various interviews that he loves mountains and mountaineering. There are many interviews to prove this stance.

It has been more than 2 weeks now that the local authorities have been looking for the missing actor. Midest his search, everyone is bothered if the actor is still alive.

Julian Sands’ update

Even after two weeks of consecutive and non-stop searches, the British actor is still untraceable.

Today we will tell you every new update on Julian Sands that we could possibly gather.

To start off, let us take you what the County Sheriff has to say

Julian Sands’ brother Nick Sands, living in Gargrave, North Yorkshire, said that he has already said his ‘goodbyes’. He said, “I have come to terms with the fact he’s gone and for me, that’s how I’ve dealt with it. We are all still hoping I guess, but I know he’s gone in my mind and because of that I’ve already said my goodbyes.”

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Julian’s family is positive about his healthy return. His wife and three children have been praying in and out for his early and healthy return.

Meanwhile, Kevin Ryan, a friend of the hiker told Fox News Digital on Thursday, “It’s an incredibly hard hike with those weather conditions. You’re talking about six to eight to nine hours to get to the summit.” He further added, “And when it’s icy, it’s very challenging. I know Julian is an extremely advanced hiker and very strong-willed. He’s very, very fit. And we’re holding out strong that it’ll be a positive return for him.”

To know about all the details of when and how the actor went missing, please read below.

British actor Julian Sands missing: Details Inside

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is Julian Sands still alive?

He has been missing for 14 days now and has not been traced yet. We still hope he somehow managed to keep himself safe in this cold weather.

2. Who played Ross on Blacklist?

Julian Sands played Sutton Ross

3. Who is Julian Sands married to?

Evgenia Citkowitz married Julian Sands in 1990

4. How old is Julian Sands?

65 years


After 14 days of the actor’s missing, the search for him is still being processed. Meanwhile, another hiker was rescued from the same area two days back. The rescued hiker had a leg injury and minor weather-related injuries. If a 75-year-old hiker can be rescued, hopefully, we can rescue Julian Sands.

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Furthermore, Julian’s family is touched with the wishes and words of strength for his healthy return. His wife, Evgenia thanked everyone who has prayed for him.

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