Who Is Mikhaila Peterson Husband? Key Facts You Can’t Skip About Andrey Korikov

Mikhaila Peterson is the daughter of Jordan Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist. Jordan is also a professor by profession and teaches at The University of Toronto. Mikhaila is a famous podcaster, Youtuber, and writer. But do you know who is Mikhaila Peterson husband? Is she married, single, or divorced? Everything you want to know is here.

After gaining so much popularity, many admirers and fans have been keen on knowing about her personal life. There have been endless curious searches related to Mikhaila Peterson and her personal life.

Who is Mikhaila Peterson?

Mikhaila Peterson was born on 4 January 1992 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her father, Jordan Peterson, is a famous Canadian clinical psychologist, and her mother, Tammy Roberts, is a former massage therapist and foster parent.

Mikhaila was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis when she was 7, depression at 12 years of age, and idiopathic hypersomnia at 21. She follows a strict diet of beef, salt, and water, which she claims has cured her condition.

She is a CEO, podcaster, and lifestyle and diet blogger. Mikhaila hosts experts from various walks of life to discuss how to enhance the human experience and attain the fullest satisfaction and how.

Here’s her life at a glance:

Name Mikhaila Peterson
Full Name Mikhaila Peterson
Profession lifestyle and diet blogger, podcaster, and YouTuber.
Age 31
Date of Birth January 4, 1992
Birthplace Toronto, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Parents Father – Jordan Peterson

Mother – Tammy Roberts

Siblings Julian Peterson
Marital Status Divorced, Remarried
Husband Andrey Korikov (Ex)
Kids Elizabeth Scarlett Peterson Korikova
Net Worth $1.5 million


She owns a website in her name. Mikhaila has become a brand in herself. Checkout the link to her website:

Mikhaila Peterson husband
Image Source: mikhailapeterson.com

 Who is Andrey Korikov?

Andrey Korikov is a Russian Soviet rower. He was also a competitor in the men’s coxed pair event at the 1988 Summer Olympics. He was born on 2 January 1964 in Russia.

Andrey did his bachelor’s degree in commerce and Business Technology Management from Ryerson University. He has worked in various firms with different roles. Here’s the detailed list (as per LinkedIn profile):

  • Business Process Analyst at the Northbridge Financial Corporation
  • As a Business and Process analyst at the Menkes Developments Limited
  • Business Consultant at the Husky Injection Molding Systems
  • Senior Business Consultant at the Sabre Corporation Principal Consultant
  • Business Process Engineering Competency Lead at the Ontario Securities Commission
  • Principal Consultant, Business Process Engineering Practice Lead at the Toronto-Dominion Bank in Toronto, Canada Area
  • Senior Business Consultant at the Toronto-Dominion Bank in Toronto, Canada Area
  • Principal Consultant, Business Process Engineering Practice Lead in Adastra Company in Toronto, Canada Area
  • Principal Consultant, Change Manager at the BMO Capital Markets in Toronto, Canada Area

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Is Andrey Korikov, Mikhaila Peterson’s Husband?

Andrey and Mikhaila met in 2017 at Ryerson University. They started dating each other, and on August 6, 2017, welcomed their daughter Elizabeth Scarlett Peterson Korikova. Right after conceiving their daughter, they got married.

Their marriage lasted for about 5 years and the couple decided to part ways. Since then, Elizabeth lives with her father. Here’s a cute picture of the father-daughter duo.

Why did Mikhail and Andrey divorce each other?

Andrey was Mikhail Peterson husband for five years. Soon after their divorce, Mikhail took to Instagram to share how she felt on November 15, 2021. She wrote, “This was not a spontaneous decision. This is the kind of thing I’ve been thinking about and begging for all the more lately, and it was the right choice.”

Who is Mikhail Peterson’s Husband?

After divorcing her first husband, Andrey Korikov, she found love in Jordan Fuller and married him.

So we can say that Mikhaila’s husband is Jordan.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old is Mikhaila Peterson?

She is 31 as of January 2023.

2. What is Mikhaila Peterson famous for?

She is famous for her podcasts and lifestyle management programs.

3. Who invented the Lion diet?

Mikhaila Peterson invented the Lion diet.

4. Is Mikhaila still a carnivore?

She is a well-known carnivore dieter.

5. Is Lion’s diet healthy?

It’s unsustainable and likely to lead to nutritional deficiencies.

6. What condition did Mikhaila have?

She had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis that caused inflammation, chronic fatigue, rashes, and more. Her arthritis was so bad that she ended up having her hip and ankle replaced.

7. What is an autoimmune condition?

It is a condition when the body’s natural defence system can’t tell the difference between your cells and foreign cells, causing the body to attack normal cells mistakenly.


Even though Mikhaila Peterson had a problematic childhood with several diseases, she gathered herself and stood firm. Fighting all the odds, Mikhaila is now a public figure. She has worked hard for this.

She is most commonly famous for her invention of The Lion Diet, which includes salt, water, and meat from ruminant animals, including cows, sheep, and deer.

She got married in 2017 to Andrey Korikov but parted ways in 2021. Subsequently, she shared what she felt about the divorce. It was not an easy decision to make, especially after having a daughter. After she got married, her parents’ health constantly dipped. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and her father underwent a medicine-induced coma for 8 days. Obviously, this wouldn’t have been easy on her.

After her divorce in 2021, she found love in Jordan Fuller, whom she has recently married. Jordan works as a Director of Operations at Luminate Enterprises Ltd. in the Miami Area.

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