Julian Sands’s Net Worth, Bio, Age, Parents, Wife, Children and More

It’s been a week since the British actor Julian Sands went missing while being on hiking. Right after he went missing, people searched the internet for his whereabouts. Interestingly, those who didn’t know about him have been searching for Julian Sands’s Net Worth, life, family and other things.

On one side where people are constantly praying for the actor’s healthy return; on the other hand, some are digging into every detail possible. There’s a plethora of searches and worries mingling all over. Let us help you in the best way possible.

Julian Sands’s Biography

To know more about the actor, let’s start with the very time he was born.

Early Life

Julian Sands was born on 4 January 1958 in Otley, United Kingdom. His real name is Julian Richards Morley Sands. Sands were five brothers raised alone by their mother, Brenda after her divorce.

In 1998, his youngest brother Quentin was selected by She Magazine as The Most Sexiest Man in Britain.

Sands went to Lord Wandsworth College in Hampshire.


Julian Sands lived with his four brothers and mother in the United Kingdom. He is the third of five boys.

Julian got married in 1984 to Sarah Harvey, but sadly they divorced in 1987. They have a son together named Henry Morley Sands. Sarah is a famous British journalist and author.

In 1990, Julian married Evgenia Citkowitz. They together have two daughters.

All of his siblings have been living in the United Kingdom but Julian had to move to The United States for his acting career.

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Julian Sands started his career with small roles. His acting journey started in 1982. He first appeared in Oxford Blues and The Killing Fields in 1984. Soon after he was chosen as the main lead for the iconic movie, A Room With A View in 1985. He got famous among ladies after his romantic lead role in the movie. Some people take him as an inspiration for romance as well.

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Soon after the success of A Room With A View, Sands decided to move to The States to pursue his acting career.

He then played the title role in the horror movie Warlock and its sequel. It was just the beginning of his success. TV and movies never stopped since then. Julian has appeared more than 150 times onscreen.

We will also tell you Julian Sands’s Net Worth. Keep reading to know more.


Julian Sands's Net Worth
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Here’s a list of movies that he did.

Year Films
1982 Privates on Parade
1984 Oxford Blues
The Killing Fields
1985 After Darkness
The Doctor and the Devils
A Room with a View
1986 Gothic
Harem – the loss of innocence
1987 Siesta
1988 Vibes
Wherever You Are
1989 Warlock
Murder on the Moon
Tennessee Nights
1990 The Sun Also Shines at Night
1991 Impromptu
The Wicked
Husband and Lovers
Naked Lunch
1992 Tale of a Vampire
The Turn of the Screw
Crazy in Love
1993 Warlock: The Armageddon
Boxing Helena
1994 The Browning Version
Mario and the Magician
Witch Hunt
1995 Leaving Las Vegas
The Great Elephant Escape
1996 The Tomorrow Man
1997 One Night Stand
End of Summer
1998 The Phantom of the Opera
Long Time Since
1999 The Loss of Sexual Innocence
2000 Mercy
The Million Dollar Hotel
2002 The Scoundrel’s Wife
2003 The Medallion
2004 Romasanta
Curse of the Ring
2005 Her name is Carla
Easy Six
2006 La piste
The Haunted Airman
2007 Ocean’s Thirteen
2008 Stargate: The Ark of Truth
Cat City
Heidi 4 Paws
2009 Blood and Bone
2010 Golf in the Kingdom
2011 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
2012 Hirokin
Suspension of Disbelief
2013 All Things to All Men
The Last Impresario
2014 Cesar Chavez
Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks
2015 Extraordinary Tales
2017 Crooked House
2018 Walk Like a Panther
2019 The Garden of Evening Mists
The Painted Bird
2020 Yeh Ballet
Death Rider in the House of Vampires
Bobbleheads: The Movie
2021 Benediction
The Survivalist
The Ghosts of Borley Rectory
The Ghosts of Monday
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Not just movies, he also appeared in TV series. Here’s a list:

Year TV Series
1984 The Box of Delights
1986 Harem
2000–2002 Jackie Chan Adventures
2001 Rose Red
2002 Napoleon
2002 Ozzy and Drix
2004 Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King
2004 The L Word
2005 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
2005 Stargate SG-1
2006 Law & Order: Criminal Intent
2006 24
2007 Agatha Christie’s Marple
2007 Blood Ties
2007 Ghost Whisperer
2009–2010 Smallville
2009 Beyond Sherwood Forest
2010 Castle
2012 Person of Interest
2013 Dexter
2014 Banshee
2014 Crossbones
2014 Unknown Heart
2015 Gotham
2015 We’re Doomed! The Dad’s Army Story
2018 Medici: Masters of Florence
2018 The Blacklist
2018 Elementary
2019 What/If
2019 A Nasty Piece of Work


Apart from appearing in movies and TV series, Julian was also a Voice Artist. He gave voice for the popular game Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 as De Falco.

Julian Sands’s Net Worth

Having appeared in so many films and television series, Julian has earned a lot of money. As of 2023, Julian Sands’s Net Worth is around $3 million.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Julian Sands’s wife?

Evgenia Citkowitz

2. Where is Julian Sands?

He went hiking and had been missing since then.

3. Who is Quentin Sands?

Julian’s youngest brother, who was selected as The Most Sexiest Man in Britain in 1998

4. Is Julian rich?


5. Was Julian ill?

No. He was perfectly fit before going hiking.

6. Where is Julian from?

He is a born British who moved to America for his acting career.

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7. Where does Julian live?

North Hollywood with wife Evgenia Citkowitz and two daughters


Being born in England and pursuing his dream of acting, Julian Sands relocated to The United States of America and the world has witnessed amazing talent since then. His performance on-screen has always been spectacular.

He aced not only in his career but also in his personal life. His friends have been seen often sharing that he’s a great friend, a loving father, and a fantastic husband.

Julian loves hiking and has expressed the same in many interviews. In an interview in 2021, he said, “I feel lucky to have had the chance to work in more than 50 countries. Travel is a part of my life and my work. I am most happy when I’m at home doing gardening. I also enjoy hiking, which is my hobby.

I would be interested in traveling to the mountains of Cyprus but haven’t had the chance yet. Maybe another time, who knows?” He added, “In Los Angeles, there are many hills and mountains near where I live. It gives me great pleasure to go there, even if they are not very high and challenging from a hiking aspect. Hiking is a great adventure and what I like is an adventure.”

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