R’Bonney Gabriel’s Net Worth, Bio, Family, Country, Insta and All You Should Know

Who doesn’t know the name R’Bonney Gabriel now? The new Miss Universe 2023 has become a household name after the great win. Many of you must be excited to know about R’Bonney Gabriel’s net worth and every little detail possible. We are here to take a sneak peek into R’Bonney Gabriel’s life.

We will let our readers know the minutest detail possible. Many viewers are interested in learning R’Bonney Gabriel’s net worth, personal life, family, career, and education. There are different aspects to be covered. Keep reading so we can answer your questions in the best way possible.

To start with, let us know who R’Bonney Gabriel is

R’Bonney Gabriel Biography

R’Bonney Gabriel’s full name is R’Bonney Nola Gabriel. She was born in Houston, Texas, on March 20, 1994. Her father is a Filipino named Remigio Bonzon, and her mother, Dana Walker, is an American. She has three older brothers.

She graduated from the University of Texas with a bachelor’s degree in fashion design with a minor in fibers.


Having completed her bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design, Bonney started her label, which is pretty much eco-friendly. Click here to visit her website. And guess what? Almost everything on her website is sold out !!!

R'Bonney Gabriel net worth
Image Credits: Instagram

Apart from her designer label, she is also a professional model. Also, she has bagged some prestigious awards. We will let our readers know about that later in the article.

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R’Bonney Gabriel’s Net Worth

R’Bonney Gabriel’s net worth is estimated to be more than $10 million. Her achievements and awards have contributed well to her net worth.

She has won many titles listed below:

Miss Texas USA 2022

Miss Texas
Image Credits: Instagram

Her winning streak started with bagging The Miss Texas USA title. She was the first Filipino American to have won the title. This was just the first step towards the big win!

Prizes and Rewards for Miss Texas USA Winner

The Miss Texas USA winner gets endless prizes and packages. These include brand new luxury Infiniti QX50 during her reign. There are infinite luxury beauty treatments offered to the winner of the title. These include:

  • One Year of Complimentary Dental Services
  • $10,000 for any plastic surgical treatments
  • Make-up services for special events
  • Luxury hair care treatments
  • A whole Year of On Location Hairstyling
  • One Year of Unlimited Spray Tans
  • Beauty Products from different beauty brands

Alongside the beauty treatments and luxury ride, the winner also gets access to the most accredited designers’ collections, including the Miss USA competition’s wardrobe. This designer closet includes bags, shoes, hats, clothing, and whatnot. You name it, and they are there. The winner is also entitled to a $5000 cash allowance to upgrade their wardrobe.

A true diva’s charisma is incomplete without the dazzle of the finest diamond jewelry. Of course, the winner also gets fine luxury jewelry apart from the jewel-embellished crown. They get a customized 14K Gold and Diamond ring and necklace. Also, a $1000 cash voucher to buy any jewelry they wish. They said somewhere, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Having said that, a diva’s accomplishment is incomplete if they don’t care for themselves. Hence, they are given private coaching for walking, interview, hair, make-up, styling, and fitness. Not only that, their fitness training starts right after the win. A personal nutritionist is appointed to check on their health and fitness.

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And the biggest prize for any model is further grooming and modeling assignments. That’s exactly what they get right after winning the title. From photoshoots by famous photographers to wardrobe consultations, lookbooks, personal stylists’ special premium luggage for travel, modeling courses, and modeling contracts.

Do these extensive sets of prizes fascinate you to try your luck as well? Trust me; you don’t need any specific educational qualifications or prior experience.

Miss USA 2022

Miss USA
Image Credits: Instagram

Having won the Miss USA title, Gabriel is eligible for a luxury prize package, which includes a six-figure salary, a luxurious apartment in Los Angeles, a fantastic car and a wardrobe filled with designer garments.

Miss Universe

Image Credits: Instagram

Apart from the whooping $5.5 million crown, the Miss Universe winner will also get a $250,000 salary annually. The winner also earns a $250,000 cash prize, a luxury apartment in New York, and all expenses, including food and transportation. The winner will also access top fashion brands, make-up artists, and luxury accommodations free of cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the relationship status of R’Bonney Gabriel?

Ans – The sources claim that she is still single. Also, her parents and close friends have denied any relationship link-ups with the Miss Universe winner.

2. Is R’Bonney Gabriel’s net worth in millions?

Ans – Yes. She truly is a millionaire. All thanks to her constant winnings and persistent career as a fashion designer and model.

3. Is she an Asian American?

Ans –  Yes, that’s true. Her father was born in the Philippines and migrated to the United States at 25. He married R’Bonney’s mother, Dana Walker, who is an American.

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4. Until when does a miss universe enjoy all the luxuries?

Ans – Although it’s a title that enjoys name, fame, and celebrity opulence there’s a limit to it. Besides the cash prize and annual salary, every other reward has a timeline. Since the competition happens annually, the rewards in kind are passed on to the successive winners. Hence any winner enjoys the luxuries until the next winner is crowned.


Undoubtedly, the Miss Universe title is a pursuit of many, despite it being accomplished by just a few. This year the USA bagged the award for the 9th time.

Many congratulations to the winning country and hard luck to the rest.

On a closing note, here are a few more details about R’Bonney Gabriel. She is a Christian by religion. Her height is 5ft 7 inches. You can follow her on Instagram. Her Insta handle is @rbonneynola

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