Who is Pele’s Mom? Is She Still Alive?

Pele, a famous soccer player from Brazil, died on December 29, 2022, after many of his organs failed. When he died, he was 82 years old. His mother, Celeste Arantes, his wife, and his children will remember him. Last month, Pele’s mother turned 100. The Sun says that before the three-time World Cup winner is laid to rest, his coffin will pass by Celeste’s house. Here you know About Who is Pele’s Mom? Is She Still Alive?

Pele’s mother did not always like the idea of her son playing soccer. This was because Dondinho, Pele’s father, hurt the meniscus in his knee while playing soccer for a club in Sao Paulo. Pele said in an interview, “When I was young, my mother used to ask me, “Do you see your father? He didn’t do a good job, and he has a problem (injury). You can’t play soccer, you have to be a teacher or a doctor.'”

Celeste is still alive at age 100, and Pele wrote about her on social media not too long ago.

Who is the Mom of Pele?

Celeste Arantes, who gave birth to Pele, turned 100 last month. Before he died, the three-time World Cup winner posted a heartfelt message wishing his mom a happy birthday.

He wrote on Instagram, along with three photos of them together, “Today, we celebrate Dona Celeste’s 100th birthday.

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“When I was young, she taught me how important love and peace are.

“I’m thankful to be her son for more than a hundred different things.

“I’m very happy to share these photos with you to mark this day. Thank you, Mom, for having me by your side every day.”

Who is Pele's Mom?

Celeste was born in the Brazilian town of Tres Coracoes in 1922. When Pele was a child, the family moved to Bauru, a city of almost 400,000 people. She was named the Brazilian Mother of the Year by O Globo because of how well she gets along with her son.

Celeste went to see Pele at a training camp near Rio de Janeiro before his team flew to England for the 1966 World Cup. The camp was in Teresopolis. She has spent her later years in the area of Sao Paulo called Santos, where her son did well as a player from 1956 to 1974.

Celeste also has Zoca, who is Pele’s brother, and Maria Lucia Nascimento, who is Pele’s sister.

She also has seven grandchildren from Pele. One of them is a girl born in 1996 and named Celeste.

How Old is Pele’s Mom?

Celeste, Pele’s mother, turned 100 on November 20 of last month. Before he died, the Brazilian soccer star posted a message wishing his mother a happy birthday along with three pictures of the two of them.

Who is Pele's Mom?

Pele’s Mother, Who is 100 Years Old and Still Alive

Celeste, Pele’s mother, will be able to say a final goodbye to her son. Sadly, she didn’t know at first that the Brazilian legend had died.

The Brazilian player, who helped his country win three World Cups, died at the end of December. He was getting treatment at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo. After he died, his daughter Kely Nascimento wrote a touching tribute to him.

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Pele’s wake will be held at Estadio Urbano Caldeira, which is also called Vila Belmiro. This is where Santos plays, which is the club where he spent most of his famous playing career. After that, his body will be carried through the streets of Santos. His 100-year-old mother will be able to say goodbye to her son as his body passes by her neighborhood.

Pele’s sister, Maria Lucia do Nascimento, takes care of her mother and said Celeste didn’t know Pele had died. “We talk, but she has no idea what’s going on. Maria Lucia said, “She’s in her own world.”

“She opens her eyes when I say his name and say, “We’re going to pray for him,” but she doesn’t really understand what I’m saying.”

Celeste turned 100 in November, and to celebrate, Pele posted a message on social media. He wrote at the time, “Today, we celebrate 100 years of Dona Celeste’s life.”


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 “She taught me early on how important love and peace are. I’m thankful to be her son for more than a hundred different things. I’m very happy to share these photos with you to mark this day. Thank you for being with me every day, Mom.”

Fans will wait up to 14 hours to get to the front of the line at Pele’s funeral, which will start at the Santos stadium. The coffin will stay there for 24 hours, and then the body of the football player will be carried through the streets of Santos in a parade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the Meaning of Pele?

The Hebrew name Pele is mostly used for boys and means “miracle” or “wonder.” Pele is a football player.

2. Where is Pele From?

Edson Arantes do Nascimento was born on October 23, 1940, in the poor town of Tres Coracoes in the state of Minas Gerais in southeastern Brazil. His parents were named Dondinho and Dona Celeste. Pele’s father was a local pro soccer player who once scored five goals with his head in a single game.

3. Why Do We Celebrate Pele?

Why does Pelé matter? Pelé, a Brazilian football (soccer) player, is thought to be one of, if not the best player in the game’s history. During his career, he was probably the most well-known athlete in the world and may have been the highest-paid one as well.

4. How Did Pele Make his Money?

He played football for a long time and made a lot of money. Also, in his third year with the New York Cosmos, Pele made almost $6 million. He also makes a lot of money through endorsements and advertising deals. So, Pele is the most successful and well-paid athlete in the world.


The famous Brazilian soccer player Pele died on December 29, 2022, because many of his organs had stopped working. He was 82 years old when he died. Celeste Arantes turned 100 last month. She was the woman who gave birth to Pele. Before he died, the three-time World Cup winner posted a touching message to his mom’s Facebook page wishing her a happy birthday.

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