Betting On PC Gaming Tournaments Continues To Grow In Popularity

PC gaming has been popular for decades, but in the last couple of years, the capabilities of PCs have come on leaps and bounds. There are now gaming PCs on the market, which offer the ultimate gaming experience, and the content has gone from being single-player to multiplayer and now even competitive.

For a long while, game developers producing content for PC users have been looking for ways to take their games and gaming itself to the next level. And this doesn’t just apply to traditional video games. Video slots are also an incredibly popular form of content for PC gamers, and several popular casino sites who have hundreds of quality online slots games, will always have tournaments for their members.The reason for tournaments, in the main, is because the level of excitement increases because of the competitive edge, and now betting on said tournaments is also a major factor.

When competitive gaming became a thing, people didn’t initially take notice. But, as it began to build up a head of steam, with competitive gaming being renamed e-sports, it seemed like everyone started to take note, especially sports betting operators. And, like with everything, while those operating in the mainstream didn’t take the plunge immediately, most of them have now begun offering markets on the various PC tournaments that take place.

Video games such as League of Legends and Dota 2 are not only a couple of the biggest PC e-sport titles; they’re two of the most played video games in the competitive gaming space. The prize money up for grabs is huge, so it makes sense that people want to place bets on the outcomes of matches in tournaments and on the outright winner, etc. And what has also played a huge role in the growth in popularity of betting on PC game tournaments is that many of them are broadcast live.

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It’s going to be unlikely in many cases that those placing bets on a PC Fortnite tournament, for example, will do so blind. And what we mean by blind is that they have no knowledge of the teams, the players, their ability and their form. But, because competitive PC gamers are active on social media, and they’re also likely to broadcast themselves playing live on streaming platforms on Twitch, it allows people to build up a bank of knowledge.

And then, when you consider that PC game tournaments are usually broadcast live, be it on Twitch, YouTube, TV or even on betting sites themselves, it allows for an even better experience because punters can see how the action is unfolding and place their bets accordingly, with in-play betting often available.

It may not be as popular as betting on football or horse racing just yet. Still, it’s something that is being taken seriously by operators because of how popular competitive PC gaming has become. And as a result, more markets are being offered, and better betting options presented, which is great for bettors and the future of gaming tournaments on PC.


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