Who is Marcia Aoki? Things You Can’t Skip About Pele’s Third Wife

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, also known as Pelé, is married to Marcia Aoki. Pelé is a famous football player from Brazil. Marcia is a Brazilian businesswoman born in Japan and worked as a medical equipment supplier. She is Pele’s third wife. In 2010, they began dating, and in 2016, they married. If you want to know about Pelle’s third wife in detail, then keep reading till the end.

The businesswoman is Japanese, and her marriage to the football player is well-known. They had known each other for six years before they got married. Pelé was married twice before he married Aoki. She is his third wife because of this.

Fans and the media thought their marriage wouldn’t last, but they were happy together for almost four years.

Who is Marcia Aoki?

The Brazilian soccer king’s third wife is Japanese and was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Carlos is her only brother.

After getting her bachelor’s degree, Aoki decided she wanted to be a business owner like her parents. She started her own medical supply company.

Aoki and Pelé first met at a party in New York in the 1980s. But rumors that they were together didn’t start to spread until 2010. After six years, they told everyone they were getting married.

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Pelé already had a child when he married Aoki, so they didn’t have any together.

What Age is Pele’s Wife, Marcia Aoki?

Marcia Aoki will be 56 years old in 2022. She was born in 1966. In 2016, Pele married his third wife, businesswoman Marcia Aoki, in a private ceremony in Guaruja, Brazil, near Sao Paulo.

Who is Marcia Aoki?

Before they got married, the two had been together for six years. Pele and his wife were 25 years apart in age. Marcia Aoki was 50 years old when they got married, and Pele was 75.

The Sun writes Marcia was born in Japan and is the daughter of a pediatrician. She is also a successful business owner in the medical supplies industry. The news source says that Pele and Marcia met at a party in New York in the 1980s but didn’t start dating until 2010.

They met by chance in an elevator in Sao Paulo and found out they lived in the same apartment building.

Pele has seven kids, but he and Marcia don’t have any kids together. People say that Pele had five children from his first two marriages.

Pele’s first wife, Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbi, gave birth to Kelly, Jennifer, and a football player named Edinho. His second wife, Asiria Nascimento, gave birth to twins Joshua and Celeste.

Flavia and Sandra Regina Machado are the names of the soccer star’s other two children. A Netflix documentary about Pele’s life and career was very interesting to watch last year.

What Does Marcia Aoki Do?

Just like her parents, who were both doctors and ran businesses that did well. Marcia Aoki decided she wanted to be an entrepreneur, so she opened a business selling medical supplies. She is now known as one of the best and hardest-working people in the medical supplies field.

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Who is Marcia Aoki?

Marcia Aoki | Kids and Weddings

Pelé, a famous football player, is Aoki’s husband. In the 1980s, they first met at a party in New York. But back then, they were both with other people.

Still, they got together again in 2008. In an elevator, they ran into each other.

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By chance, they both lived in the same apartment building. But she was going through a painful divorce from her husband.

Still, the two met in 2010 when they were in the same elevator. Marcia was making changes to her home.

So, Marcia asked him to come to see how she had changed. Not long after that, they started going out together.

Even though they had been seen together for a long time, neither of them said they were dating. Six years later, they said they were getting married.

The wedding wasn’t as big or fancy as you might think. Instead, there was a small ceremony with close family and friends.

No matter what, it was beautiful and worth remembering. The wedding took place at Guaruja in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on July 10, 2016.

They don’t have any children together. But Pelé has seven children from other relationships and marriages.

From his first marriage to Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbi, the Brazilian player has three children. Kelly Cristina, Edson Jr., and Jennifer are their names.

He also had twins with his second wife, Assria Nascimento. Their names were Joshua and Celeste.

The man who used to be Santos also has two children named Flávia and Sandra Regina Machado from his other relationships.

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Pele had so many affairs that he didn’t know how many children he had, and he wouldn’t even acknowledge one of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who was Pele’s First Wife?

In 1966, Pelé and his first wife, Rosemeri, met Pope Paul VI in the Vatican. The honeymoon destination for the newlyweds was Germany, Austria, and Italy. Pelé signed autographs for youngsters in 1966.

2. Is Pele Currently Married?

The couple divorced after 13 years of marriage. His ex-wife initiated legal action in 2020 for non-payment of child support. In 2016, at 75, Pelé married a 42-year-old businesswoman, Marcia Cibele Aoki, whom he had met in New York in the 1980s and then again in an elevator in Sao Paulo.

3. Who is the Best Soccer Player to Ever live?

Pele, the Brazilian icon, is regarded by many as the best footballer in history if you are still unsure who the greatest soccer player ever was. The fact that no other player has won more World Cups justifies the Brazilian’s position on this list.

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