Why Veibae has been Banned from Twitch?

The popular VTuber Veibae was banned from Twitch on April 17 this year. The news was relayed on Twitter by the StreamerBans automated account. Fans have speculated various possible reasons behind Veibae’s first-ever ban on Twitch. Later, she got unbanned right after one day on the 18th of April.

Even though there goes a lot of fuzz about the ban of any well-known face on social media, Veibae’s ban has practically contributed to double the agitation amongst her worldwide fan base. However, many fans are yet to know the truth behind Veibae’s ban. That’s why today we are here to open the box and let you know why Veibae has been banned from Twitch.

Who is Veibae, and Why is She Popular?

Veibae is amongst the most famous VTuber personalities on Twitch, with over 800,000 subscribers. This UK-based VTuber began her career as an independent streamer. However, later in 2021, she joined Vshojo, a famous VTuber organization in the US. Because of aligning with the Vshojo, Veibae often appears with several other VTuber stars like Apricot, Nyanners, Ironmouse, Zentreya etc.

Since signing with VShojo in 2021, Veibae has gained massive popularity – thanks to her sense of humor, unique online personality, and portrayal of engaging content. Her huge fan base also knows about her relationship with Sodapoppin, another big name in the streamer community.

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If you are a regular Twitch user, you will come across several content Veibae posts there. She likes to spend her time on Twitch, conversing with her nearly 830k follower base in the chatting section. She also likes playing different types of Twitch games, like Minecraft, Overwatch, Apex Legends, and many more.

Why was Veibae Got Banned from Twitch?

Veibae’s ban on 17th April on Twitch has given birth to several speculations from her fans. However, only a few people know what happened. Although her followers did not know about Veibae’s ban until Streamers.com posted about it on Twitch.

Veibae’s fans were anticipative of getting news from Twitch itself. However, posting about the ban was strictly against their policies. So, generally, it brought up various rumors. Some fans thought the ban occurred due to a technical Twitch fault. While others started to assume that Veibae’s account might have been hacked. However, none of these are true.

When Veibae herself posted about the reason behind her ban on Twitter. She declared that due to her display of some explicit content, she got banned from Twitch for 24 hours. And Veibae got her account back the very next day.

What has Veibae Done to Get Banned from Twitch?

From her Twitter posts, we know she showed something explicit to get banned from Twitch. During her last Livestream before her ban, she displayed some dildos on screen. That’s why Twitch banned her account for 24 hours and unbanned it on the 18th of April.

However, Veibae, being a cheerful lady, took this opportunity to take the marketing of her exclusive merch to the next level. She successfully sold her merch with the written text “banned” on various goodies, and her fans loved this ambitious gesture.

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Final Take

After Veibae’s first-ever ban on Twitch on 17th April this year, she became extremely conscious about what she chooses to display on her live streams. To date, no information about her second ban from any social site has come to the news. Her account never ceases to acquire more followers daily, and she continues to dominate the VTuber world with her gorgeous and appealing content.

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