Who is Veibae? Age, Net Worth, Bio, and Everything About the VTuber

Veibae is a British Vtuber who signed up for Vshojo in April 2021. In addition, the Japanese VTuber community on Veibae is home to a popular English VTuber with amassed 1.5 million views.

She signed on with VShojo, a VTuber agency based in the United States, where she would work alongside the likes of Nyatasha Nyanners, Ironmouse, and Projekt Melody. And her Twitch channel has over 1.5 million views and 689 thousand subscribers.

She then stated that her new 3D model would debut on April 11, 2021, and she kept switching between 2D and 3D models in her broadcasts. Her VShojo agency worked on a project with Japanese VTubers Kizuna Ai, Higuchi Kaede, and Dennou Shojo Siro called #VAmongEarth. Read the article to learn more about Veibae’s age, birthday, and more.

Personal details of Veibae

Veibae’s birthdate is December 10th, and she was born in the UK. Although she has not publicly disclosed her actual birthday, various resources claim that she is 26 years old and a Sagittarius.

She was born in Britain and practiced the Christian faith. On the other hand, she has kept her race a secret. But sadly, she has kept her parents’ identities a well-guarded secret. A brother appeared on the stream to say “Hey Weebs” to his sister’s fans. Moreover, she may have graduated from a prestigious university in her home city with high academic marks.

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Asset Value of Veibae

As a VTuber, YouTuber, and social media star, she has amassed a substantial fortune. According to online sources, her work as a streamer has earned her an estimated $400k in wealth.

Veibae the VTUber's Personal life deatils

Veibae’s social media presence

Veibae has a substantial online presence, particularly on Twitter and TikTok. She has amassed over 507,300 Twitter followers at @Veibae. Her @veibae.official TikTok account has over 121,000 followers and 446,500 views. More than 614 thousand people subscribe to her Veibae channel on YouTube. In addition, her official Twitch account @veibae has almost 942k followers.

Professional Life of Veibae

Veibae first signed up for Twitch on July 25, 2015, and joined Twitter in September of the same year. As a bonus, jjinomu, the developer of her original 3D model, will be showcasing said model before her launch on April 10th, 2020. After then, on April 12, 2020, she debuted on VTuber; however, clips of her 3D debut remain unavailable.

After the renowned Japanese YouTuber Shinji published a series of videos on her on May 3, 2020, she became extremely popular. She became widely recognized and adored by the Japanese public. She made her YouTube account on May 4, 2020, and on May 8, 2020, she posted her debut video.

More than that, she broadcasts Twitch highlights on her YouTube channel. A Live2D version of her wearing a succubus costume was then announced for the 23rd of September. Her Live2D comeback wasn’t supposed to happen until the next year, and her final costume changed.

On September 27th, she revealed two new Live2D outfits, the first being her signature pink sweatshirt and the second being an ensemble inspired by Japan. She then re-emerged on April 9, 2020, showing off her updated 2D look.

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Deatils about Veibae career

Achievements of Veibae

Regarding honors and recognitions, Veibae has yet to bring home any awards. She already has a large following of devoted fans, and it is reasonable to expect that she will continue to attract new ones through her writing.

 Veibae’s romantic life

There is currently no data about Veibae’s dating history or status. In a virtual reality ceremony presided over by Nyanners, she wed Silvervale. She is a Nyanner fan and will pop the question to Snuffy and anyone else who buys her wares.

So far, she hasn’t been involved in the rumors and drama surrounding Veibae. On top of that, she’d rather ignore the allegations and focus on her streaming business.

Trivial facts about Veibae

  • The date July 25, 2015, marks the launch of Veibae’s Twitch channel, while September 2016 marks the launch of her Twitter account.
  • An early look at Veiabae’s initial 3D model was shared by her creator, jjinomu, before her launch on April 10, 2020.
  • On April 12th, 2020, Veibae made her VTuber debut.
  • None of her 3D premieres can be seen on YouTube.
  • She has a soft spot for furry friends.


Q. Is Veibae dating anyone?

A. Chance “Sodapoppin” and VTuber Veibae’s unconventional romance has been all over the media for the past few weeks. The two became closer while interacting online around the end of 2021 and went public with their relationship earlier this year. 13-Nov-2022

Q. What is the price of Veibae’s latest model?

A. Including all of the assets (gestures, Pepe, emotes, and variants), Veibae’s model art for the two designs (Sky Serpent and OG Tracksuit) costs more than $5,000.

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Q. Is Veibae, a male?

A. English VTuber Veibae lives in the UK. She was a VTuber on her own before joining VShojo on April 9, 2021. Her translated videos have gotten up to 1.5 million views in the Japanese VTuber community, making her a popular English VTuber. Her Twitch broadcasts have an age restriction.

Q. Is there any evidence that VeiBae modifies her voice?

A. VeiBae, a popular YouTuber, denies accusations that her voice has been altered by saying that her rhythm is completely genuine and that the suggestion that it isn’t is ridiculous. For her videos, Vei adopts a virtual persona known as a VTuber.

Q. In what range do VTuber models fall?

A. 2D models on VTuber cost anywhere from $35 to $1,000, depending on the artist’s experience and the number of assets included in the model. Depending on its complexity and level of customization, the cost of a 3D model might range from $1,000 to $15,000.

Wrapping up 

Here, we come to the end of Veibae’s life journey. Veibae has not participated in the speculations or controversy surrounding her till now. She prefers to avoid speculation and instead concentrate on building her reputation as a successful streamer. British Vtuber, Veibae rose to fame and gained a lot of success.


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