Lookmovie Alternatives: Best 10 Sites Like Lookmovie to Stream Movies in 2022

Let’s face the facts, Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions are pricey. Even though every OTT platform harbors a wide range of collections, it is not always a great decision to invest in them. So, if you want to enjoy movies online without digging a hole in your pocket, your first choice would absolutely be Lookmovie.

Lookmovie is an entirely free online movie streaming platform with various movies catering to various genres and tastes. However, if you have already tried Lookmovie and want some other convenient options, here’s a list of 10 amazing Lookmovie Alternatives that offer a fantastic movie-watching experience. So let’s dive deeper and know the best Lookmovie Alternatives you must try now.

Best Lookmovie alternatives

1. Onemovies

When it comes to finding the best Lookmovie Alternatives, Onemovies will surely be on top of the list. Similar to Lookmovie, it offers unlimited movies, series, and TV shows to watch for free. As per the user interface and site navigation, Onemovies is slightly better than Lookmovie.

Its straightforward navigation technology helps in finding your desired results in just seconds. It’s also one of the safest free movie streaming sites available online. That does not mean your video will not get interrupted by ads. However, intrusive pop-ups and redirects will be out of the table on Onemovies.


  • You can easily open the site on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  • It does not showcase obtrusive ads and redirects.
  • It features smart navigation that finds your movie in less time.


  • It does not house any anime shows to watch for free.

2. Movie2K

Are you eager to watch movies as soon as they release for free? Then Movie2k will work as the best Lookmovie Alternative for you. Movie2k is a well-known open-source streaming media that features all recent films.

Most users like to opt for Movie2k for its wide collection of short films too. One of the best features of Movie2k is that it lets you decide the video quality before playing the content. It also has one of the easy-to-operate interfaces that works effortlessly.

However, you must be aware that Movie2k also includes pirated versions of movies yet to be released. In that case, watching those movies without their official theatre release is illegal.


  • It features all recently-released movies.
  • Movie2k is great for short films.
  • It allows you to decide on the video quality beforehand.


  • Sometimes Movie2k features unreleased films which are not recommended to watch.
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3. CartoonCrazy

Fan of watching anime but can’t find a platform to watch them for free? We have found the right solution for you. CartoonCrazy is a brilliant Lookmovie Alternative with the added benefit of anime shows and movies. Apart from this, mostly all the features of CartoonCrazy are very similar to Lookmovie.

Plus, it lets you switch the video quality while playing content. And it works with all servers. Another great advantage of CartoonCrazy is that you can access the website from your TV’s Kodi device if you feel like having a blockbuster movie night with all your friends. So plan ahead a weekend to watch your favorite anime shows that you have had on your waitlist for a long.


  • It features several anime shows, movies, and series.
  • CartoonCrazy works great with any Android device and your TV.
  • It allows you to switch the video quality anytime you want.


  • CartoonCrazy does not include recently-released movies on its platform.

4. 123MoviesGo

We cannot compile a list of Lookmovie Alternatives without mentioning 123MoviesGo. This is also a very popular free movie streaming site that gains thousands of visitors. If we have to highlight some of its features, the unique collection of both old and new films would surely be on the top.

Movie buffs like to watch old classic films every now and then as a refreshment from today’s complex storylines. And for that, you must try out 123MoviesGo. With high video resolution and amazing sound quality, 123MoviesGo is one of the go-to sites for movie lovers to watch several films and shows.


  • It has a generous collection of old classics.
  • It offers excellent sound quality.


  • 123MoviesGo does not feature most of the popular TV shows and series.

5. Vumoo

Vumoo is a fantastic Lookmovie Alternative that features films in several different languages. So, if you are a fan of watching movies from other countries like China, Russia, Poland, Germany, India, and so on, you should consider trying Vumoo once. And you will be thrilled to witness its movie library.

Like 123MoviesGo, Vumoo also features many old films, which you can find easily. It has several classified genres and categories that take your watching experience to a new level. Besides that, Vumoo showcases all of its contents within a brief description to provide an idea to its users if they have never heard of any particular show or movie. It also lets you download videos to watch your favorite content offline.


  • Vumoo features films in different languages.
  • It offers a download mode to save your video online and watch it later.
  • It provides small video descriptions under each available content.


  • Currently, Vumoo only features videos up to 720p with different servers.
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6. Moviewatcher

Moviewatcher is another excellent free online site with many similarities to be called a Lookmovie Alternative. With a whole bunch of delightful and light-hearted content, you will also come across thrillers and action films on this platform.

Moviewatcher houses more than ten thousand films, series, and shows. So whenever you want to watch something, you will find it here. You will have perfectly distinguished categories of films and series on Moviewatcher. Besides, it does not interrupt your videos with too many ad pop-ups.


  • Moviewatcher has an expansive range of more than ten thousand movies, series, and TV shows.
  • It features distinctive categories to make your watching experience more amazing.
  • It also showcases fewer ads compared to other Lookmovie Alternatives.


  • Moviewatcher sometimes goes under server issues.

7. YesMovies

Don’t have anything to watch in mind? Don’t worry; simply visit YesMovies. It is one of the famous Lookmovie Alternatives with many similarities between the two streaming platforms. An expansive range of classified genres is probably the best feature of YesMovies.

Besides incorporating categories like Action, Romance, Thriller, Comedy, and Family, it has also included a special section named Country. It refers to the country where the films have been produced. For example, if you click on Russia under the Country section, YesMovies will show you a list of outstanding Russian films. Even though it is not entirely free, you can get discounts every now and then.

Short movie descriptions and a restricted number of ads during each video are some of the fantastic features YesMovies offers.


  • YesMovies includes a variety of categories to choose from.
  • It runs only a restricted number of ad pop-ups during a show or film.
  • YesMovies features small descriptions under each video content.


  • It is not entirely free to use YesMovies.

8. Putlocker

This list of the finest Lookmovie Alternatives will not be justified without mentioning Putlocker. It is among the users’ best choices for streaming movies online. With Top IMDb ratings and a massive collection of different genres, Putlocker has been a favorite site for movie buffs for a long time. With a simple-to-navigate interface, it offers the users every content that was released recently.

You will also find information about your favorite movie stars’ engagement. So you will always be updated about all interesting releases with Putlocker. It features Light and Dark Modes, and you can switch to either of them as you like. For example, Dark Mode is extremely important if you love to stay up all night watching movies.

Putlocker gets updated frequently, so that you will be amazed by its ever-changing website designs. Also, you don’t need to create an account here.


  • Putlocker informs users about exciting releases.
  • It features Light and Dark Modes for the finest watching experience.
  • You don’t need to create an account on Putlocker to stream content.
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  • It displays frequent ads during a movie that might be annoying for many movie lovers.

9. CmoviesHD

As the name suggests, CmoviesHD is the finest Lookmovie Alternative for HD movies. It is mostly popular for its vast collection of HD movies. It features an easy-to-navigate user interface that works efficiently and provides your desired results in seconds. Another great quality of CmoviesHD is that all the content features on this platform are free of charge.

You don’t need to pay any price to watch movies on CmoviesHD. However, please keep in mind that many movies and shows may display copyright issues. If you encounter something like that, it is best to go for another content that is free from copyright problems on CmoviesHD. Or else, you can use a VPN to eliminate all sorts of issues.


  • It is the Best Lookmovie Alternative for HD movies.
  • All the movies, series, and TV shows are completely free to watch.


  • Some of the content on CmoviesHD might have copyright issues.

10. Movies4u

Movies4u is our last recommendation as a Lookmovie Alternative. It offers an attractive user interface that wins users’ hearts and prepares them for an outstanding watching experience. It is a simple website that features unique ratings and trending sections.

Just click on them, and you will get an idea about which content is popular among users now. The trending page also showcases recent releases and upcoming ones. Apart from movies, all the series and TV shows come under the properly-mentioned episodes and seasons, so you can keep track of them at all times.


  • Movies4u features Trending and Rating Pages.
  • It informs you about specific seasons and episodes of series and shows.


  • It does not have a wide movie library.

Final Take

Lookmovie is undoubtedly an excellent platform to stream movies online for free. However, it may show some errors here and now. So, it is beneficial to have proper knowledge about various Lookmovie Alternatives. Try out our list of finest Lookmovie Alternatives and tell us which of them you like the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Lookmovie safe?

Yes, Lookmovie is a safe site. However, kindly do not click on intrusive links and ads when they appear on the screen.

2. Should I use VPN while watching movies on Lookmovie?

Although Lookmovie is among the safest websites, a VPN will add an extra layer of protection to your device.

3. Can I visit Lookmovie through my mobile?

You can visit Lookmovie and watch your favorite movies on your smartphone.

4. What is the best Lookmovie Alternative to watch anime shows?

Cartooncrazy is the most popular online streaming platform for anime shows, movies, and series.

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