Harry Styles Reconnecting with Ex Kendall Jenner after his spilt up with Olivia Wilde

It would appear that Harry and Kendall have reconciled. Fans are mourning the end of the Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde era. That is unless you hide or hide out. Read the article to know more about it!

What did the media reports say about Harry Styles and his relationship?

The sun reports mentioned that Harry reconnected with his ex, Kendall Jenner. Moreover, this all happened during his breakup with Olivia. Furthermore, the sun reports that some internet users think Kendall “quietly” broke up with longtime boyfriend Devin Booker in October. This happened coinciding with the beginning of the Harry/Kendall allegations.

Indeed, Harry and Kendall have always stayed in touch. But now that they’re both single, they can spend much more time together. A”LA source” said, “Kendall is one of the few people who comprehend the kind of celebrity and control Harry undergoes. Harry has her ear about his breakup with Olivia.” She’s going through some rough patches of her own as well.

Why is Harry’s name linked with Kendall now?

Although Harry and Kendall were linked romantically for some time. The source does not give the impression that their recent reconnection indicates any future commitment. According to the source, Harry and Kendall’s permanent split is due to Harry’s busy schedule. Kendall and Harry Styles decided to part ways. Her pals still wonder if she will be spending the holidays with him.

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After breaking up with singer Taylor Swift in 2012. In 2013, he was seen on a dinner date with social media superstar Kendall Jenner. Eventually, Khloé Kardashian announced that the two were dating in 2016.

Their first date led to many more. Late that same year, though, it was said that they were “not formally back together,” implying that the relationship was finished. Despite this, Styles and Jenner have remained close friends, with Jenner even showing up to a Los Angeles concert by the ex-One Direction member.

A timeline of Harry Styles and Bolivia Wilde’s relationship

Harry Styles Reconnecting with Ex Kendall Jenner after his spilt up with Olivia Wilde

When Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde were working on the 2020 psychological thriller Don’t Worry Darling, rumours began circulating that the two had an affair on the set. Wilde’s ex-partner, Jason Sudeikis, did not take well to the news of his relationship with the 38-year-old actress. The story spread like wildfire through social media.

The couple’s relationship became more public as they were frequently seen together on sweet dates and other trips. But, it appears that things have finally ended between the two. Styles was also honest with his ex-girlfriend about how he felt about the approaching breakup.

Wrapping Up

The alleged couple has returned as a shoulder to weep on as he deals with the emotional fallout of a separation. She also claims that the two had ” leaned on each other in recent weeks.”

Moreover, their “friends” see the coincidence as “strange.” Whether or whether these rumours turn out to be accurate will be fascinating to observe. If they are, it would appear that Styles has discovered a new love interest.

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