Top 10 A94 Oppo Case Protector to Buy In 2022

OPPO A94 was introduced in March 2021 as a successor to the A9 line. While many of OPPO’s phones often go under the radar, the A94 is a great smartphone with a good set of specs. The model has a 6.43-inch Super AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate and, for the first time for Meizu, boasts a 32MP selfie camera lens built right into the top of the screen. We have selected the best wholesale case for oppo a94 and are happy to share our findings with you.

IMAK bumper for OPPO A94

Opening our list is the IMAK bumper, a simple case that offers many different attractive designs. It is made up of silicone that let you protect your phone back from scratches and dust. Precise cutouts make it comfortable to use every day.

YZKJ cover for OPPO A94

In ninth place is the original overlay, which comes with a protective glass. It offers a wide range of different designs – you can choose exactly what you like. It is also made up of high-quality flexible silicone to protect your phone from any scratch or damage.

TTJ leather book for OPPO A94

Next on our list is the synthetic leather flip case. It provides maximum protection for OPPO A94 from scratches and shows excellent shock resistance in case of drops. This book has a standard design that has stood the test of time – it has enough space for your photos and maps, and the back can be turned into a stand and used to watch videos.

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Case FZZ for OPPO A94

The seventh in the selection is a classic transparent case without any extra details. The case is made of silicone TPU, a lightweight, thin and flexible material that allows you to hold your phone in your hand without fear of dropping it. The rear camera is protected by the raised edges of the case, preventing scratches when the smartphone is placed face up.

YZKJ Wallet Book for OPPO A94

The sixth is the YZKJ wallet book, which comes with a protective glass. The design of the book provides 360-degree protection for your phone, and the glass makes sure that the screen will not break if accidentally dropped. The YZKJ Wallet Book is made from premium-quality PU leather and TPU that makes it fashionable plus practical to use.

Thick Bumper HUAYIJIE Case for OPPO A94

In fifth place is a special HUAYIJIE bumper. This option is very different from the traditional ones and at first glance it does not even look like a case – what are the intricate patterns on its surface. The bumper will surprise you with an interesting set of additional features. It also has a universal design and is suitable for other phones.

FZZ thin pad for OPPO A94

Next on the list is a set of two FZZ overlays, one of which is black and the other is transparent. The black version has a simple and sophisticated look, while the transparent version maintains the original aesthetic of your smartphone. Both pads are able to provide protection and are comfortable in daily use.

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TTJ transparent case for OPPO A94

On 8th place, we have listed another Oppo A series case protector from TTJ. It comes not only with just back case but also to protect the front screen there is a protective glass. The best thing about glass protector is that it maintains the sensitivity at 0.33mm thick and will display crystal clear screen with no dot. Another good thing about this transparent TTJ case is its 9H hardness resistant scratches, grease, dust, and fingerprints.

YZKJ case for OPPO A94

The second last on our list is Oppo A series YZKJ case. It also comes with the back case and a protective glass for the front screen just like TTJ case. If you are person who loves to show back side of phone and also want to protect it, then YZKJ transparent case for Oppo is best for you. It keeps back surface scratch and damage free. The front glass also do the same job for the front screen. Talking about material used, this transparent case is made from silicone that is light and durable.

FZZ Case Kit for OPPO A94

The last place we gave to is protective case kit of FZZ. This case kit comes with transparent and black bumpers and a protective glass to protect your phone front screen. In short you can say it is a complete kit to keep your smartphone damage-free, safe, scratch-less, and cool. The material used for bumpers in the kit is high-quality silicone TPU that helps to protect against dust and dirt. With all of these protective features, you don’t need to worry about your phone as it is safe and sound.

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