Samsung 980 Pro 1TB 2 TB is cheapest than ever in the Black Friday Sale

Welcome back, tech geeks. We are back again with something exciting making the headlines again. As we know, several products are on Black Friday sale. Moreover, don’t delay any further and grab the best deals. One such product is Samsung 980 Pro. That becomes one of the biggest eye catchy deals in the sale. Read through the article to know why you should not miss buying this product in the sale!

What is the price of the Samsung 980 Pro in the black Friday sale?

The cost of a Samsung 980 Pro 2 TB SSD has fallen to an all-time low in the Black Friday sale. However, the SSD may be a few years old, but it has unmatched performance. Before the 990 Pro was launched a few weeks ago, this was Samsung’s best consumer drive. The 990 Pro has not yet been released to the public.

In contrast to its regular price of $279, Samsung’s 980 Pro is currently on sale for $229. However, during Newegg’s current Black Friday deal, the price dropped by $55. Therefore, it is available on the internet for a low price of $174.99.

SSDs were previously available on Amazon for $179.99. Newegg’s listing likewise shows a discounted price. In contrast, for a certain time only, customers can purchase the SSD for only $174.99.

Samsung 980 Pro and the Black Friday Sale

What’s the big deal about Samsung 980 Pro?

Newegg has discounts on many Samsung 980 Pro models. Prices for the 1 TB model (without a heatsink) are $99.99, and the 2 TB model (without a heatsink) is $174.99. The 1 TB model is $114.99, and the 2 TB model is $179.99 with the heatsink.

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You should know that for a short time, the SSD is discounted an extra $5 to $10. Some soon-to-expire discount codes can be used to get the discount. Those players interested in securing the contract had better get moving.

A glimpse of Samsung 980 Pro and its features

The drive is both fast and safe, thanks to AES 256-bit encryption. There are higher performance drives on the market. However, the recent price drops significantly improve the value proposition of the Samsung 980 Pro.

There is a significant price cut on the Samsung 970 Pro. The older generation drive costs $159.99 on Amazon. It’s not much quicker than a regular Gen 3 SSD, though. Moreover, its top read speed is 3900 Mbps, while its top write speed is 3200 Mbps.

Despite being significantly slower than the drives, it might be a cheap option for large data storage. Moreover, this disc’s maximum read and write speeds are 3,500 Mbps and 3,200 Mbps, respectively.

This unit has a heatsink that is already attached to it. The good news is that Sony suggests cooling for any drive used in the PS5’s storage expansion slot. A PS5’s extra SSD will not replace the console’s original hard drive. Moreover, this indicates that you’re upgrading from the default 667GB storage to 2TB.

Final Notes

This Black Friday is the golden chance to shop for Samsung 980 Pro. Secondly, you can grab extra memory for gaming computers at their lowest price this week of the year. Furthermore, you might save money by purchasing the Samsung 980 Pro and adding a heatsink from a third party, but this preconfigured model is considerably more convenient.

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