I’m A Celebrity Spoiler: Sue Cleaver soaked in gloopy molasses in the latest trial Partners in Grime

Hello, I’m a celebrity fans. Here comes the news from Australian jungles. The tensions have risen for food. All the celebrities flew to the Australian jungle to unravel the new mysteries. While they are experiencing the jungle mysteries. We have got a spoiler from the latest episode about our Fav Celeb, Sue Cleaver. Read the article to know more about it.

The latest preview of the Episode shows Sue Cleaver submerged in gloopy molasses as she fights to gain recognition in the most recent trial, Partners in Grime.

Read At Your Own Risk: Spoilers Ahead!!

What happened to  Sue Cleaver? 

Well, the Preview of the upcoming Episode was a big spoiler for all of us! The Coronation Street actress is covered in the murky, gooey substance as she attempts to respond to queries about Mike Tindal in the latest trial of Partners in Grime.

However, it appears that the campers may go without food after Sue Cleaver incorrectly answers the rugby star’s first question. So, it’s evident that Sue is the reason behind the food to all mates.

The actress and her fellow campers are lined up in the trial area in the spoiler video as they are tested to discover how well they actually know one another.

Partner is Grime - Sue Cleaver

More Details about Sue Cleaver in the trial

But the soap star’s plans don’t go as planned because she can’t recall how many times Mike has broken his nose.

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Mike is shown listening to music while wearing headphones as Sue Cleaver is covered in the thick goo as she considers her response, preventing the two from communicating during the task.

Ant and Dec laughed as they saw her entirely submerged in the dark liquid, with Dec saying, “She’s gone, she’s disappeared!”

Sue replies, “Two,” but Mike subsequently admits that he has actually broken his nose eight times.

Next, when she inquires as to Mike’s former rugby nickname, Sue Cleaver exclaims, “Oh Jesus, why didn’t you tell me this, Mike?” as the campers around her snicker.

However, viewers won’t know Sue’s and the other celebrities’ performances until the show.

Who was recently evicted from I’m a celebrity?

The first campmate to be booted off of I’m A Celebrity was Charlene White on Friday.

Moreover, the 42-year-old ITV journalist and Loose Women anchor were eliminated from the Australian jungle. She earned the fewest votes from the general public.

She competed against actress Sue Cleaver from Coronation Street. Moreover, she was deemed to be in the bottom two by hosts Ant and Dec.

Wrapping it Up

Fans are excited about new upcoming events in the show. Moreover, they can’t hold their excitement after reading the spoilers about their favorite stars. I’m A Celebrity Spoiler regarding Sue Cleaver covered in the murky liquid will be interesting for fans. Furthermore, she is going to make her fans laugh out loud. Even the contestants and host didn’t shy away from expressing their cheer over her. Moreover, her wrong response to the question sacrificed everyone’s food. Let’s catch up on the show to learn more about upcoming events. We will definitely bring more of it to you.

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