Taylor Swift Concert Public Tickets get cancelled, amid high demand

Taylor Swift concert tickets sold out quickly. Moreover, the general public never got a chance to purchase them. The main reasons for ticket cancellation of the US Tour were extraordinarily high demands on ticketing systems and insufficient available ticket inventory. Ticketmaster is the business handling sales for the singer’s US tour. Moreover, Ticketmaster canceled the general public sale on Thursday.

Why are fans disappointed by Taylor Swift Concert Tickets?

Fans expressed their pain and disappointment in pre-sale participation. It seemed like getting in through a lottery. A New Jersey resident, age 41, said, “It was a very disheartening experience overall. It made you feel bad and took up all of your time.”

Taylor Swift has a huge fan base, and the overwhelming demand for the artist shocked people. She debuted in 2006. The artist has garnered a lot of fame and attention. Moreover, the artist has provided a constant stream of songs since the company blamed the troubles on a “staggering amount of bot attacks” that overwhelmed its website.

Midnights is her most recent CD. Moreover, it has been a global smash. More than 3.5 million “Swifties” registered as “confirmed fans” in advance of the pre-sale for her 52-city US tour.

Sale of the Tickets Gets Cancelled for Taylor Swift Concert

Sales began for those fortunate fans on November 15th. Capital One is the corporation supporting the 52-city tour. Moreover, it held a pre-sale through Ticketmaster exclusively for cardholders. According to Ticketmaster, the corporation sold more than 2 million tickets. Moreover, it is the largest single-day ticket sale ever for an artist. This was despite problems during the pre-sale that disrupted around 15% of interactions throughout the site.

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Ticketmaster announced Thursday that the public sale scheduled for Friday had been postponed. “While it’s hard for everyone to receive tickets to big performances,” the business said before.

What did they mention about Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster claims their pre-sale method will help keep scalpers (ticket touts in the US) and automated programs from buying up all the seats. However, the process’s flaws have sparked outrage towards the company. Moreover, it has long faced charges for abusing its position in the industry.

The British comedian John Oliver called Ticketmaster “one of the most loathed organisations on earth”. Moreover, it is because of the high costs, outrageous fees, and limited availability that audience face when trying to purchase tickets.

In the 1990s, Pearl Jam voiced displeasure with Ticketmaster’s dominance in the ticketing industry. Since then, the company’s influence has only increased. It acquired Live Nation in 2010, which at the time managed a large number of concert halls around the country.

Rep. David Cicilline chairs the House committee on competition and anti-trust. Moreover, he stated no one could deny that Live Nation-Ticketmaster is a monopoly with no competition.

US Tour of Taylor Swift For Midnight

Wrapping up

Taylor Swift’s concert tickets made the audience baffled. They have sold more than two million tickets in advance to specific audiences. The corporation received criticism after the demand overwhelmed the company’s website.

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Moreover, Taylor Swift concertgoers were let down by a canceled show. Moreover, fans couldn’t get over their disappointment. There would be more pressure on the government to take action because of Taylor Swift’s large fan base’s outcry.

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