Twitter to concentrate more on verification feature from on

Twitter verification fiasco is on some other level. We have heard the news of Elon Musk’s dominance on the social media platform. Moreover, he announced via Twitter that changes were coming to how users are verified. But what’s more to it? There is still a lot of chaos going on right now. Let us unravel more about it.

What is the new blue tick  Twitter verification?

People are familiar with the situation, and internal correspondence indicates that the company is considering transitioning its $4.99 monthly subscription. Twitter’s new Blue subscription will cost users $19.99 per month. There would be a 90-day window in which verified users who did not subscribe would lose their blue checkmark. On Sunday, workers on the project were informed that the feature’s launch date was November 7. In case they fail to do so will be fired.

What did Musk mention about the Twitter verification process?

Musk announced the overhaul of the verification procedure in a tweet. It has been said that Twitter is considering charging its users for the blue ticks. Moreover, this will be done to prove who the account holder is. Reuters stated that users must pay $4.99 monthly for Twitter Blue to keep their “verified” badges if the project goes forward.

There has been talking that the verification procedure will be integrated into Twitter Blue. However, no decision has been made yet. According to The Verge, the project’s employees had until November 7 to roll out the feature or face termination.

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Feature of Twitter Verficiation

When was the service initially introduced?

In June of last year, Twitter introduced Twitter Blue. This was its first subscription service. Moreover, it allows users to pay a monthly fee in exchange for “exclusive access to premium features, such as the ability to edit their tweets.

When the billionaire took over Twitter, he began announcing new policies daily. After an April Twitter poll requested the ability to edit tweets, the feature went live earlier this month. Users who participated in the polls overwhelmingly favoured the ability to make changes.

Meanwhile, Musk denied rumours of laying off employees to avoid pay cuts. While this “official” designation would help prevent the spread of deliberate falsehoods. Moreover, informing a platform’s over 200 million daily users would be a huge challenge. Twitter’s Head of Safety and Integrity, Yoel Roth, has stated that the company’s “core moderation capabilities remain in place” despite the widespread layoffs.

Twitter Blue Verification

Will there be another blue tick for notable people?

Yes, After such a chaotic situation, Twitter finally decided to do so. They will be launching twitter’s verification process for notable personalities. Several big companies lost their valuation because of misinformation spread through blue tick users. Let’s see what Musk will do to help people in this.

Final Notes

Since Musk‘s takeover of Twitter, we can see a lot happening on Twitter verification. Employees are been fired without any reason. Blue tick verification is becoming problematic, and whatnot. Can we expect that things will go normal soon? Let’s see what will happen now. We will keep you posted.

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