Another Life Season 3: Why did Netflix cancel the upcoming Season?

Hello, Netflix fans. Here is another piece of news for you. After two seasons of Another life, the show finally ended. The show’s season two premiered in October 2021.

Here comes the sad news. We regret to inform you that Another Life: Season 3 will not be renewed for the next season. Star Katee Sackhoff has confirmed the news that Netflix has cancelled the science fiction drama following the release of the second part. After the critics’ poor rating and the viewership downfall, the production finally decided to cancel it.

What happened to the show Another life?

Using Twitter, Katee Sackhoff broke the news that her Netflix science fiction series would end after its second season.

Netflix recently cancelled Katee Sackhoff’s show, so there won’t be a Season 3. Another Life was created by Aaron Martin, who created the television shows Degrassi: The Next Generation and Slasher. The first season premiere aired in July 2019 with Sackhoff in the lead role of Astronaut Niko Breckenridge.

Breckenridge took her team on a dangerous mission to investigate a mysterious alien artefact, and Another Life went along for the ride. In Season 2, the team travelled back to Earth to use a virus to destroy the artefact that had inspired their mission.

What happened in Another Life Season 2

Several problems led to a downfall in viewership of Another Life Season 2

Another Life Season 2 was released last year, and the script read like a computer programme wrote it. Despite its unlikeable characters, shaky science, and random plot points, it’s an unsatisfying but oddly watchable science fiction series. It’s important to remember that the “science” in “science fiction” is pulling its weight here.

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With such a negative critical and viewer reception, Netflix’s decision to renew the show raised some eyebrows. The question now is whether or not Another Life is worth watching after being renewed for a second season and 10 additional episodes. Can it be saved? Also, how does this season stack up to the last one? No.

Why did the show fail to impress the audience?

Suggestive evidence that the show had been cancelled surfaced in December 2021. Is this all we get besides a formal cancellation confirmation? All we can do is wait and see. The second season of Another Life was streamed on Netflix, but it didn’t make much of an impact.

Between October 17 and October 24, it had 15.76 million hours viewed, putting it in the top 10 hourly data charts. Netflix’s US TV top 10 lists did not include the show. The news that Netflix had cancelled Another Life arrived on February 21.

Reasons behind the Cancellation of Another Life Season 3

Wrapping up

Given the lacklustre reception, it’s hard to imagine another network picking up Another Life for the third season. We can easily assume that the show failed to impress all. The poor screenplay and pathetic story are not interesting to watch. The series has highly disappointed sci-fi fans with its poor story.  Even though Another Life has ended, the show won’t make any comeback with another season. Fans were highly disappointed with the show. In case of any further updates, we will keep you posted.

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