Apple to launch web search to compete Google

Here comes the news from the big tech company Apple. The company is all set to launch  Apple web Search. Moreover, this is done in light of competing with Google. In the field of technology, both these firms lead the world.

A new Apple web search aimed at customers has been discussed as a possible project. When compared, Google plans to delay its search engine rollouts until January 2023. Google-competitive web search engine from Apple is on the horizon, says augmented reality expert Robert Scoble.

When did Apple announce Apple Web Search?

Apple may introduce enhanced Apple web search features geared toward end-users. Until at least January 2023, Apple may not release a search engine. Tech blogger Robert Scoble predicts that Apple will make several announcements at WWDC 2023.

It’s safe to say that Apple and Google are the two most influential companies. The Cupertino giant could now challenge Google in a market previously dominated by the latter, particularly in terms of search engine usage. When it comes to user adoption, no other search engine even comes close to Google, but Apple could soon pose a serious threat. However, Apple is holding off on releasing a search engine until January 2023.

Scoble suggested a search engine that Apple owns. More than a billion people worldwide use Safari, Apple’s web browser. Soon, Apple’s search engine (which could replace Google as Safari’s default) could become available.

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Apple Web Search is here!

What is the speculation related to the release of Apple Web Search?

Soon, Apple will release a superior search engine to Google. Many have speculated that Apple was involved in the development of the first search engines, and this speculation is not new. Scoble claims that tweets can be partly explained by conversations happening within the company and partly by logic. If the report is to be believed, the most expensive product will be introduced at WWDC 2022. Furthermore, he predicted that search engines would be introduced in January.

This fall, Apple plans to release iOS 16, iPad OS 16, watchOS 16, and macOS 13. Always-On Display (AoD) could finally arrive with some new software.

Companies like Samsung and OnePlus already offer the expanding displays, and Apple plans to include them in the iPhone 14 series, which is scheduled for release in September 2022.

Apple and Google's Competition

Apple could challenge Google’s dominance in the market

While there are many alternative search engines to choose from, none enjoy the popularity of Google. When it comes to search engines, Google is a major player. Apple could challenge Google with its search engine.

If Apple were to release a search engine that directly competes with Google, many experts believe it would be far more effective than Google’s current offering.

Bottom line

Let’s see what the Apple web search will bring for tech geeks. It will be Google‘s best rival in the market. Until now, no other search engine has come close to matching Google’s popularity, but Apple could soon present a serious challenge. There have been rumblings that Apple will soon unveil a revamped web search experience with the user in mind. Apple, however, would like to wait until January 2023 before launching the search engine.

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