Troll Release Date: Trailer, Cast, What is plot of the movie and more

This is the time to grab the seats as we are finally heading toward the release of Troll. This is a highly anticipated thriller based on Norwegian folklore. Are we all ready to see the drama unfolding as a monster? If yes, then continue to read to have a glimpse of all the details.

Are we baffled by some questions? Will this monster wipe out humanity? What will he do to scare the people off? There is so much going on and hope. The film connects the dots.

Are you excited to see the monster destroying everything that comes its way? If yes, we have got you covered. Read the details about the upcoming movie to learn more.

Based on popular beliefs in Nordic or Scandinavia mythology, it will help in unraveling more about the ancient creatures and gods. Netflix is back with another movie having a similar story to Trollhunter, released in 2010.

A glimpse of Troll

Troll is a cinematic work directed by Roar Uthang. The official trailer from its YouTube channel says that Troll will be available to stream all over the world on Netflix on December 1, 2022. The movie Troll was made in September 2021, mostly in Oslo, the capital of Norway, and a few other important places. After four months of filming, the project was done in December 2021.

A lot of people might not know what a Troll is. So, here is a brief history of the movie before you see it. Nordic folklore says that trolls are ancient behemoths that can live for thousands of years, are very strong and tough, and eat people.

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Glimpse of the Troll Movie

What is the story about?

After imprisonment for thousand years, something enormous rises within the mountain of DovreThe beast is rapidly reaching the Norwegian capital. He is damaging everything that blocks his way.
Filming for the movie started in September 2021 and ended in December 2021. Most of the scenes were shot in Oslo, but others were shot in other parts of Norway.


Here’s a quick introduction to trolls for those who don’t know what they are. Trolls are scary creatures. They are not to be confused with the cute and funny cartoon versions of them or with people who bother you on social media. They are huge, often look horrifying, eat other animals, and are a big threat to people.

Folklore also says that trolls only come to life at night and turn to stone when exposed to sunlight. This makes them creatures of the night. So, in many old Scandinavian stories, people think that some landmarks were made when trolls were exposed to sunlight.

Who’s in the cast of Troll?

The lead roles of the Netflix original movie are well-known, like Ine Marie Wilmann and Sjrd Pettersen. Wilmann is a well-known Norwegian actress best known for her roles in Sonja: The White Swan, a biopic about the famous figFure skater Sonja Henie, and in TV shows like Exit and Furia. In Troll, her first Netflix show, she plays the role of Nora.

Pettersen will play Kristoffer. He is best known for his roles in Home for Christmas and Eddie the Eagle. Pl Anders Nordvi, Eric Vorenholt, Hugo Mikal Skr, Kim Falck, Gard B. Eidsvold, and Pl Richard Lunderby also join the Troll cast in different roles. Kim Falck plays Andreas, Gard B. Eidsvold plays Tobias, and Pl Richard Lunderby plays Fisker.

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All about the release date of Troll

Trailer of troll

In June 2022, Netflix released a short Troll clip called a “teaser trailer.” In the clip, we see a mysterious mythical beast wake up. The video doesn’t tell us much, probably because it’s just a teaser, and we haven’t seen an official full-length trailer yet. But from what we’ve seen so far, it looks like this horror thriller will be a battle against the clock to stop the title monster from causing much damage.

The teaser also shows glimpses of a set of people, along with a father-daughter pair, who appear to be guiding the others to find the beast. Then we get our first glance at the troll in question. It’s big, has no shape, and has big hands with four huge fingers on each. It also has a long tail. Doesn’t that sound bad? Fans can watch the film to discover what it wants and why it woke up after years. The wait might have been good enough to justify it after all.

 When will Troll be available on Netflix?

Are you excited to know about the release date of the movie? Fans can watch this movie on NetFlix. The most recent news from Netflix is that Troll will be out. Moreover, it will be available to stream on December 1, 2022.


Q. When will Trolls release?

A. Troll will globally release on 1 December 2022.

Q. Is there any trailer released?

A. Yes, you can watch the trailer on Youtube.

Q. On which folklore is it based?

A. It is based on Nordic Folklore.

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Q. Where can you stream it?

A. You can stream it over Netflix.

Wrapping Up

Are you excited to see this movie based on Norwegian folklore? If yes, Mark the dates as Netflix is all decked up for the winter 2022 release. Get ready for the most exciting winter movie this season. We are all ready for this new movie. Fans are excited to unfurl the mystery.

The upcoming Norwegian horror movie on Netflix is about one of these ancient behemoths that wake up from their sleep and starts moving toward civilization. Even though this is out of character for these strange creatures, a group of specialists is trying to determine what caused them to wake up. They need to stop it before it starts destroying things. We will keep you posted with the updates from this movie.

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