Apple Music Beta : How to use Apple Web beta to add live lyrics

Howdy, tech geeks! Hope y’all are doing well, as always. Are you excited about Apple’s new updates that make their way to the headlines every time? Apple is known to stay ahead of its competitors. On the part of updations, Apple has launched Apple Music.

Apple is always back with things that are stunning and unconventional. These updates and new features stun the tech geeks out there. Here comes the news that is making its way to this segment. Apple Music is coming with its live lyrics feature on the web version. The company has not revealed any probable date for its release. We can hope that the release date will be rolled out soon. Maybe, we can expect this version to be out all of a sudden.

Tech geeks need to keep their eye on this new update. The beta version of Apple Music’s web app is receiving some updates. Moreover, it is now supported by Apple Music on the web for the first time. Right in your web browser, you can use the function from anywhere.

The launch of Apple Music Live lyrics

The Live lyrics for Apple Music were launched in 2019 for iPhones. Moreover, it garnered a lot of fame because of something other music companies followed. The famous time-synced lyrics feature for Mac in 2020. This is a key differentiator in music apps. It is widely compared with the rival music streaming app Spotify. After Apple released this feature, other rivals followed in the same footsteps.

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Here is something that is a recent addition to the updates to the Apple browser. Let’s get started without any further wait.

Web Apple Music Live Lyrics

A glimpse of the new update in Apple Music

What will the new feature bring for users? How can users enjoy it? Here are the answers to all your qualms. This feature helps to toggle and see the real-time lyrics of songs. You can sing along and have fun. Moreover, follow the songs and dance to their tunes. It is already available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac. Now, a beta version is available on Apple Music’s webpage too.

With this feature, you can see the words to a song one line at a time as they scroll automatically to the beat of the music. You can tap on a line to go right to that part of the song.

Moreover, most music streaming platforms rely on outside apps to provide lyrics. Whereas Apple is doing something different and providing it on its own. Apple CEO Eddy Cue claimed that the business “input the majority” of the lyrics currently available in 2019.

How to access Live Lyrics on the Apple Music website?

This feature is only accessible right now on Apple Music’s beta website. Tap on the message box “in the upper corner after choosing a piece of music.

The Live lyrics will then be shown on Apple Music. To replicate the experience depicted above, you can extend it.

With the inclusion of this feature, Apple Music on the web now resembles the experiences you can get on Apple devices more closely. Moreover, this added benefit is that you don’t have all of the iTunes clutter that macOS still has.

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Apple Music recently became the first streaming service with a database of more than 100 million songs. Not only does the company provide Dolby Atmos music, but most of its repertoire is also free in a Lossless format. Additionally, a new Apple Music Classical service will be available later this year.

What are the offers at Apple’s music?

Apple Music is the forerunner to iTunes Music. Furthermore, it is a well-known service focusing on a specialized app. Moreover, this serves as a music player and a location to manage one’s music collection.

It now concentrates on a streaming service with a subscription-based business model. Furthermore, Apple turned this into a service. Moreover, this enables anybody to access its extensive library.

What is more detail about this new update?

The interface for viewing lyrics is styled similarly to the Apple Music app for iOS devices and computers. There will be lyrics scrolling to the right of the screen in sync with the music.

You can only access the feature on the beta online player. However, it has been thoroughly tested; Apple is expected to release it on the music.apple.com website. You may now view the song’s lyrics when playing Apple Music content in a web browser on the beta site by clicking the speech bubble in the upper right corner of the screen.

The web player and preview clips are available to anybody. However, full access requires an Apple Music subscription and an associated Apple ID. It offers the same playlists, recommendations, and mixes as the Apple Music app.

Glimpse of Apple Music Web Beta Version


Q. When did Apple release Live lyrics on iPhones?

A. The live lyrics were released in 2019 for iPhones.

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Q. Which app supports Apple’s Live lyrics?

A. Apple music app supports the live lyrics feature.

Q. When did Apple Release it on Mac?

A. For Mac, it was released in 2020.

Q. Is the live lyrics available for Apple’s webpage of Music?

A. Yes, it is available for Apple’s webpage but is currently in beta.

Wrapping Up

Here comes the time to wrap up the article. Are you excited about new updates? We know that tech geek will try it out. Apple never disappoints with its upgrades and new developments. Users are always waiting to know what’s next in the room for them.

Apple never disappoints its users and comes up with the best features. The company has gained a lot of streamers on its music platform. Apple Music recently became the first music streaming platform with a database of over 100 million songs. Moreover, the company provides Dolby Atmos music.

However, most of its repertoire is also free in a Lossless format. Additionally, a new Apple Classical service for music will be available later this year. What do you think of the Apple Music online app’s recently introduced time-synchronized lyrics feature? For more updates related to Apple’s live music on the webpage of Apple Music, we will keep you posted.

Are we ready for upcoming updates? If yes, catch up for more such updates.

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