One Piece Film Red : Does Uta Die in the Film? What is written in her faith

Hello anime fans, here we are back again with another film and its spoiler. Anime movies are the most thrilling films. In this article, we will discuss One Piece Film red.

One Piece Film: Red’s epic most recent entry into the franchise’s filmography is now being watched by an increasing number of fans thanks to the franchise’s long-awaited international release.

As a result, glowing evaluations are spreading throughout the internet, from official review sites like RottenTomatoes to social media discussions on Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms.

While One Piece Film: Red has delighted fans. However, many seem perplexed by Uta’s unclear status after the movie. There is a clear conclusion to her story, albeit a little muddled. Furthermore, it is revealed in the movie’s closing seconds.

Continue reading to learn more about Uta’s situation after One Piece Film: Red and the events that led up to her terrible death.

Why is One Piece Film Red Worth the Wait?

One Piece Film Red is darker than you may anticipate. It goes way beyond being one of the darkest One Piece films ever made, with its villain slaying a whole island’s population. However, its terrible plot centers around being imprisoned in a deceased diva’s dream. Therefore, you wouldn’t be at fault for wondering if Uta perishes in One Piece Film Red or survives with the aid of Luffy and Shanks.

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However, we have the solution you seek, for better or worse. There are big spoilers ahead, so be forewarned. Did Uta Pass Away in the Final Scene of One Piece Film

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!!

About One Piece Film Red

The adversary of One Piece Film: Red, Uta, is a brand-new character developed especially for the movie’s plot. She is introduced as the most well-known singer in the television show world. However, it is later discovered that she is Shanks’ daughter and childhood friend Luffy. The specifics of their friendship are revealed as the concert goes on. Furthermore, it gives the impression that they are very close friends.

She learns that Luffy has taken charge of a villainous pirate crew. Moreover, she is hostile and begs him to give up, but he refuses. This is the first indication of her ultimate strategy. This will drag everyone watching her concert into a made-up world that her Sing-Sing Fruit will create. Along with Luffy, she also captures the Straw Hats and several other pirates present.

As the film continues, it becomes clear that the Red-Hair Pirates abandoned her in Elegia after destroying the nation, which is the source of her animosity toward pirates. As a result, she spends the film on a crusade against pirates, winning the hearts of many people who share her anti-pirate views.

One Piece Film Red Uta. What was her role?

What was Uta’s Role in the Movie?

Uta passes away after One Piece Film Red, even though it isn’t said or depicted.

This is primarily because she ate the poisonous mushroom meant to kill her so she wouldn’t pass out. She did this to carry out her New Genesis plan, according to which nobody trapped by her Uta Uta powers would be able to awaken until she either passed out or willfully released her hold on them. They would not have felt any pain if they had perished themselves. As they would have been stuck in her dream world for all time.


Shanks tried to encourage Uta to sleep once she realized her mistake, but she preferred to stay awake to free everyone she had imprisoned in her dream world during the concert. Then, to flee the Navy, Shanks took her along with his crew.

Although she doesn’t pass away during this time, Shanks and Luffy’s looks suggest that they both understand that Shanks is taking Uta with him so she can pass away quietly.

Can Uta be brought to life again?

The movie’s protagonist has a terrible ending. However, considering the track record of One Piece movie antagonists, it was inevitable. The movie is filled with the filler-like character of the flicks. Many have either been killed or have passed away in some other way by the conclusion of their respective stories.

There was little likelihood of Uta surviving One Piece Film Red. Moreover, it isn’t considered canon in the One Piece plot. The chances of her being saved or having her existence disclosed are slim to none.

Where can you stream it? 

Beginning in November, Crunchyroll intends to release the movie in cinemas in the US. Starting on slightly different dates, fans in these locations can purchase tickets: viewers in Australia and New Zealand can do so on October 5, while North American viewers can do so on October 6.

According to Crunchyroll, the most recent One Piece movie has surpassed all others in the series regarding the box office take in just a week and a half. The movie made approximately $53 million at the box office just 10 days after premiering on August 6 in Japanese theatres.

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One Piece Film Red Glimpse


Q. Does Uta die in the movie?

A. Yes, she died in the movie Red.

Q. Who is the main antagonist in the movie the Red?

A. Uta is the main antagonist in the movie.

Q. Did Uta survive the ordeal?

A. Yes, Uta survived the ordeal.

Final notes

The most adored singer in the world, Uta, will perform live for the first time and expose herself to the audience. The voice for which the entire world has been waiting will soon be heard. Here, we come to an end. I hope this article provides you with all the details.

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