Puss in Boots 2: Release Date, What is in the movie, Trailer?

Hello, puss-in-boots fans; We have great information for you. We know that you are eagerly waiting to watch this magnificent animated thriller Puss in Boots 2. Universal Studios has released an official trailer. After the first installment, this new movie will break the cinema houses on 21 December 2022.

This is an exclusive adventure movie from the DreamWorks animation. Let’s prepare for one of the most amazing action-filled animated thrillers this Christmas. Hopefully, this mighty cat is all set to make its return with fear-defying actions. The last wish is all decked up with a fantastic comedy plot and star cast that entails Olivia, Ray, and Samson.

Furthermore, this is the return of the long-awaited movie Puss in boots. Moreover, the character Puss-in-boots first appeared in Shrek 2 in 2000.

The movie became an instant hit worldwide with its magnificent scenic sensation. Furthermore, the main character Puss-in-boots also co-starred in two other Shrek sequels. Finally, DreamWorks animation created a solo movie starring this feeling creature as the main star cast.

Details about Puss In Boots 2

Here’s all that you need to know about this upcoming movie. This glib talker and Spanish-speaking feline Puss in boots is the lead character in this animated movie. It is all set to make a return by showcasing his another-level swordsmanship. This upcoming sequel will be the second installment of this franchise.

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Details about Puss in Boots

Puss in boots 2: The Last wish release date

The movie is set to hit the theatres on 21 December 2022, as per Dreamworks Animation. Meanwhile, the fans in the UK have to wait for its release. In the UK, the movie will be released on 3 February 2023. As per official sources, the release date has not yet been decided for some regions.

Is there any trailer for the movie?

Yes, an official trailer has been released by the franchisee’s owner, Universal Studios. Moreover, you can watch it to see what’s next for the fans.

It is evident from the trailer that Puss will embark on the most important journey of his life. He will have come face-to-face and is fighting against his biggest threat, mortality. Furthermore, he is struggling to fight the battle of living. He wants to revive and restore his nine lives with his lover, Kitty’s soft paws. What else he will go through in his journey will be unraveled in the movie very soon. Moreover, it will be interesting to see whether purpose can fulfill and manage his last wish.

Star cast of Puss In boots 2: The Last Wish

Antonio Banderas will portray the bandit Puss-in-Boots. Moreover, he has lent his voice to the main character. This multi-lingual actor also provided the character’s voice in Spanish and Italian versions.

Moreover, Salma Hayek has beautifully reprised the role of Puss’s lover, Kitty Softpaws. She will portray the master female feline, who is a big manipulator. Interestingly, she will portray the proper mix of words and swords.

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There will be the entry of new enemies that the fairy couple will face. The cast also entails Florence as Goldilocks. Moreover, Olivia Colman will be seen as Mumma beer, and Ray Winstone as Papapa near. At last, Samsung Kyo has lent his voice to the role of baby beer.

What is the plot of the movie Puss in boots 2?

The plot will revolve around the main character that is Puss in boots. As Per the official site and description released by Universal Pictures, he will discover his breakthrough journey and adventure on the revival of his life for the ninth time.

He will unfurl his last wish and try to revive his nine lives. Moreover, he will be reminded to live his life to the fullest by his female love, Kitty softpaws. After hearing about this news, he will go on to unfurl more about this on his next journey.

The puss will live its last day and will try to fight against all odds. Moreover, he will try to find and search for his last chance to revive his life. He will cross paths with his biggest foe that is Goldilocks. Goldilocks is a family involved in crimes and has three bears as a part of their family. Moreover, the audience will see a lot more about his troubled history. Let’s see what history holds for them. It will be interesting to see how they will battle it out.

Puss-in-Boots is a character that is based on a fairytale character from Steve Lees’s depiction of a cat. This anthropomorphic cat used all tricks to deceive and master winning a princess in marriage. It will be interesting to see what he will go through on this journey with his ladylove. There is much more adventure that will be unraveled soon in this movie.

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Puss in Boots 2


Q.When is the movie going to release?

Ans. The movie will be released on 21 December 2022.

Q.When did the makers announce the sequel of the last wish?

Ans. The markers released a statement about its sequel in 2014. However, it got delayed because of various reasons.

Final Words

This feline film is set to create magic for all animated movie lovers. It will be great to see the portrayal of Puss in Boots and his epic adventure. This fierce and cute character is set to unravel more for its fans.

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