Simon Cowell talks about how son Eric helped save his life after obsession

Simon Cowell has disclosed his “dark” job preoccupation. Also, he says that being a father saves him. Simon Cowell is 63 years old. He is an record label executive.

According to Simon Cowell, becoming a father changed his life and let him get over a piece fixation that kept him awake and “depressed, gloomy.”

He claims were distracted by the popularity rankings of the programs he produced. Moreover, these are programs like Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor. Also, it was the show to produce musical icons like One Direction and Little Mix. Simon Cowell was a producer, talent scout, and career manager for musicians as part of his entertainment empire.

Simon Cowell Says Son Saved Him After His 'Obsession' With Work Left Him 'Depressed'

Simon Cowell  Interview with a News Source

However, Simon acknowledges this in a conversation with a news source. He develops an obsession with competition while building his wildly successful companies. Then he said: “If Eric hadn’t come along, God knows what would have happened.”

Simon was a father to eight-year-old Eric. Simon’s fiancée was Lauren Silverman. He then discusses how he had recently changed his life.

After becoming unduly preoccupied with The X Factor’s ratings fight with rival program Strictly Come Dancing, he hurt his mental health. Also, it caused him to experience crushing lows when the show faltered, and he made the shift. In 2018, it made its final appearance.

Simon Cowell says becoming dad to son Eric saved him from his 'dark' obsession with work - Irish Mirror Online

Work of Simon’s Son and Spouse

Simon acknowledges that his son and spouse were crucial in helping him. Also, he continues that escape the vicious cycle of sorrow he was caught in. Also, Simon says that he is unhappy. But since Eric has been here, he no longer stays up late working.

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He does not hit walls, but he would rip his hair out and sit there at four in the morning wondering, “What is he going to do?” He would then come up with ludicrous plans like the six-chair challenge. It makes him unhappy to think of himself at my age, working till 4 a.m. and being preoccupied with TV ratings.

He talked about how becoming a dad motivated him. He then transforms and sets a positive example for Eric. It nearly hurts how much you adore them, he continued. Then you start to wonder, “What will his dad have done when he gets up?” He gives that a lot of thought. “He is more inclined to help people,” the speaker said. 

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