Apple to Comply with EU mandates of giving a single charging cables

Apple will need to update the charger for its iPhones in the European Union. Hence it is to comply with new regulations. These regulations will provide a single charging port for most electronic devices starting in 2024 and also shift universally to USB-C

The reform was approved on October 25 by a wide margin in the European Parliament. Also is the first of its kind elsewhere in the world.

Further, it could strengthen the EU’s position as a pioneer in establishing global standards for telecom technology. The vote upheld a prior understanding between EU institutions.

Since the USB-C connectors used by Android-based products will become standard throughout the 27-nation bloc, the new regulations will force Apple to change its charging port for iPhones and other devices.

Usage of USB-C

Although USB-C is widely used currently, starting in 2026. It will also be required for laptops, giving manufacturers more time to adapt. Apple has said that the iPhone will have a USB-C cable connector. To comply with the upcoming European Commission directive.

Although some claim the impact could be favorable if it encourages consumers to purchase. Apple anticipates being the most impacted of the significant electronic goods suppliers to European consumers.

Usage of USB Type-C 

All portable electronics sold in the EU must use USB Type-C for charging by the fall of 2024. It eliminates electrical waste. Improve consumer relations through the use of a single “common charger.”

The top brass at Apple has now made an indication. The company will ship an iPhone with this charging port despite its displeasure. Greg Joswiak, senior VP of global marketing at Apple, said in an interview, “We’ll have to comply, of course. We are powerless” That’s it, then.

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Statement by Joswiak

Joswiak has stated that the business will comply, but he still has issues with this new requirement. He doesn’t mind when governments tell us what to do. But most of the time, we have some clever engineers who can figure out the best ways to do them.

He continued by addressing chargers with detachable cords. He believed these were a superior all-around option. Furthermore, he thinks the EU will increase it rather than reduce global e-waste.

As we do everywhere else, we abide by local regulations. But we believe a less restrictive approach would have been better for the environment and our customers. Whether Apple would include this USB-C port with phones sold outside of the EU was not specified by Joswiak.

Apple has historically been the primary opponent to this endeavor, choosing to adopt. Its own exclusive Lightning cable design since 2012. The Steam Deck from Valve and all of Nintendo’s existing Switch versions already use USB-C.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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