Evans Hankey, John Ive successor as Apple’s Industrial Design Chief is Leaving

On Friday, the company announced that Evans Hankey was leaving. Hankey was in charge of industrial design at Apple. People say that she is known for making products that look good.

This week, the big tech company in Cupertino, California, announced that Hankey would be leaving. Moreover, she told her coworkers that she would stay at Apple for the next six months. The company hasn’t chosen anyone to take over. Hankey oversees dozens of industrial designers. Moreover, she worked for Apple’s COO, Jeff Williams.

What was his role in the company that Evans Hankey took over?

Jony Ive was in charge of design at Apple for three years. When he left to start his own business, Hankey took over. Moreover, Evans Hankey has done a lot of the industrial design work for Apple, from how the company’s hardware looks and feels to how it is made in large quantities.

She is known in Apple lore as one of the prominent people who came up with the idea for the iMac, iPod, and iPhone. Still, she was often quoted in the news after new Apple products came out. Moreover, she often talked about specific design decisions and how the design team at Apple works.

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What did her great contributions mean for the corporation?

“The senior design team is led by strong people who have worked in the field for many years. Moreover, Evans plans to stay on while we work through the transition, and we’d like to thank her for her leadership and contributions,” an Apple representative said in a statement.

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Bloomberg News says that Apple hasn’t named Hankey’s replacement yet. However, the company told CNBC in a statement that she would stay at the company to help with the change.

Apple’s design team comprises creative experts from all over the world and many different fields. They work together to come up with products that are unmistakably Apple.

Apple's Chief Industrial Designer Evans Hankey, Who Succeeded Jony Ive, Is Leaving the Company

How can her departure create a gap in the company?

Evans Hankey was the curator of the design of Apple’s devices, like its thin, aluminium iPads, boxy MacBook Pros, and all-screen iPhones. Moreover, it has been a big part of its success for decades. Most importantly, it is a fundamental way they stand out from Samsung Electronics Co., Amazon.com Inc. and other top competitors.

Hankey’s departure could change how Apple designs its products in the future. It also raises the question of how Apple’s products might look in the future.

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