Meghan Markle’s former Deal or No Deal co-star Claudia says that they were reduced to a bimbo for the show

Jordan says it is a rung on the ladder she has been climbing for 25 years. It paid all her bills and put her in front of 13 million people every night. Claudia Jordan was Meghan Markle’s former Deal or No Deal co-star. Claudia criticizes her for saying and degrades to a bimbo during her program.

Explanation of Duchess of Sussex about Deal or No Deal

The Duchess of Sussex explains why she left the game show in 2006. Hence it is in the most recent episode of her podcast, Archetypes. She said, “she didn’t appreciate feeling obliged to be all out.” 

At the moment, she felt she reduces to this archetype, the bimbo. Additionally, Meghan alleges that women on the show were to queue up for cosmetic procedures.

Because there was a particular vision of how we should appear and offer spray-tan coupons each week, it was all about how beautiful we were, she continued. 

Intelligent ladies surrounded her on that platform. But it wasn’t the primary purpose of our attendance. So she would always leave with a pit in her stomach.

She was grateful for the position but not for how it made her feel, which was foolish. The Duchess of Sussex has now come under fire from Jordan for her comments. She claims the program never treated them like bimbos and helped them with many chances.

Meghan Markle's Deal or No Deal costar fires back at her claims that she was 'reduced to a bimbo' | Daily Mail Online

Statement on Social Media  

To clarify, she stated on social media, “Sure, landing a modeling contract on a game show isn’t always about your intelligence. But for every program, the executive producers picked five models. It is with the most outgoing and engaging personalities to place mics on, who they knew would engage with the competitors.”

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And on Deal or No Deal, we never had bimbos-like treatment. Due to that show, we received a lot of opportunities. Jordan continued by saying that the program gave her career a boost.

Meghan Markle: How Many Episodes of 'Deal or No Deal' Was She On?

She said it was a step on the ladder, and she ascended for 25 years. It paid all my bills, put me in front of 13 million people a night, and led to my appearance. 

On Celebrity Apprentice, Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars. The 100 Most Beautiful issue of People magazine, a breast cancer awareness campaign, guest hosting on Extra, and much more. The reality TV personality also explained that she wasn’t supporting the show. But instead, trying to criticize Meghan.

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