Bloober’s Silent Hill 2 remake is officially a part of PS5 console

Konami has revived its long-dormant Silent Hill series with a flurry of activity. Also, it seems like an eternity of leaks. Bloober Team is developing the remake of the horror classic Silent Hill 2 for PC and PS5. Hence this remake is a limited console exclusive.

Announcement of Bloober Team Regarding PS5 X Silent Hill 2

Since Bloober Team announced a collaboration with Konami to develop a new game in June of last year, the developer of games, including The Medium, Layers of Fear, and Observer, has been linked to rumours of the return. 

Following several leaks earlier this year, rumours that the project would be a remake of Silent Hill 2 started to come together. 

However, Konami and Bloober Team have now officially announced the remake. Thus release a 2.5-minute clip during a busy Livestream dedicated to the game.

Hence, we saw some classic Silent Hill 2 scenes and gave it a new-gen graphic makeover. It included a shady makeover for James Sunderland, the game’s protagonist. James Sunderland now resembles Alan Wake’s controversial brother.

Bloober Team Responds To Silent Hill 2 Remake Rumours

Key Members of the Development Team

Konami then brought in a few key members of the new development team. Further, the game goes through the project in more depth after confirmation. The Silent Hill remake will launch simultaneously on PS5 and PC. It leaves out all other consoles due to Sony’s 12-month console exclusivity clause. 

Concept artist Masahiro Ito joins Bloober. Masahiro worked as the original Silent Hill 2’s art director and composer, Akira Yamaoka. Akira Yamaoka is back to work on the remake’s soundtrack. It also promises to bring a new musical approach this time.

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Silent Hill 2 Remake Announced From Bloober Team, First Look at Pyramid Head

Details of Video Sequence of Silent Hill 2

In a brief video sequence, several Bloober members also made an appearance. The appearance discusses how the company approaches the remake with great respect for the original Silent Hill 2. To build a game that has the same strong effect now. As it did 21 years ago, this will entail keeping the unique Silent Hill atmosphere intact.

It matches what it called players’ increasing expectations. It also described some of its adjustments, including an over-the-shoulder camera. 

In the end, it declares that its goal is to recreate everything. It made the game a timeless classic. But to give it a new shape that will draw gamers even deeper into the misty streets of Silent Hill.

The Silent Hill 2 remake doesn’t yet have a release date. But it will be available on the PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam at an unspecified later date.

Stay tuned for further updates!


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