Video Games That Didn’t Have Online Feature, But Should

In the 21st century, most top-rated games are available online. However, some amazing games do not have the online component, but they should. These games are available on PC, console, and mobile devices.

However, online gaming has become very trendy nowadays. For instance, many people visit the online casino at Ignition to play games online. However, there are many options for players who prefer playing offline, including indie darlings and open-world behemoths. So, what are some of these great games?

Return to Monkey Island

The 2022 release of the Return to Monkey Island game is exceptional. For instance, the return of Ron Gilbert to the game makes it more interesting. The game is set after the event of the second sequel with a few tweaks resulting in a package that remains true to the game’s legacy. Moreover, the game also adapts to the expectations of modern players.

The game challenges its players to go on an adventure, speaking to NPCs to advance the story. Players will enjoy the fact that the game balances adventure and comedy. It would be an excellent online video game.


Immortality is an interactive drama that asks players to solve the unexplained departure of Marissa Marcel. Players decipher by investigating three unreleased movies in which Marissa is the star. However, prepare yourself for some twists and turns.

The game lives and dies on its narrative’s strength. Don’t worry if it feels confusing at some point; it will all come together in the end. It is a unique puzzle game that deserves to be available online.

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This mobile game is loaded with multiple weapons and hours of immersive gameplay. This action game was recognized on Google Play Store in 2019 as the most innovative. Moreover, players control one of the 20 unlockable heroes and must overcome numerous monsters.

You must venture into various game worlds segmented into 50 rooms to achieve this. The game is also appealing because the more you play you improve your skills. Moreover, more playing time allows you to unlock more items and rooms.

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. has an innovative concept making it popular among many gamers. Its standard edition demands players terrorize the global population like a virus as they attempt to find a solution. The game makes available your disease’s mutations. However, if you advance them quickly, the game will end soon.

Therefore, the best approach is to develop the disease wisely without being too frantic. You’ll go through various challenging levels. You must also research cures to fight an unidentified illness. You can access the game from Android and iOS devices.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley became a top PC game when it was released on PC in 2016. The game sees players live a private life on their own farms. On your farm, you look after animals, cultivate fields and visit the town for some shopping.

This game is also an RPG, meaning players can interact with the NPC to establish a relationship with them. These relationships will come in handy in the entire game. Fortunately, the developer continually provides updates, enabling players to enjoy the game for long hours. Gamers can access this game from Android and iOS.

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Grid is a highly recommended racing game that offers nerve-wracking races with numerous tracks, cars, and modes to select. As you keep playing, you will be able to unlock more items which makes the game more immersive in the long run.

The game has everything a gamer needs to remain engaged offline. For instance, you don’t have to wait to earn more playing turns or buy more turns. Once you have paid the game purchasing fee, you are free to enjoy all the game has to offer.

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