Sony’s DualSense Edge PS5 controller: Price, Features, and much more

The new DualSense Edge, a premium wireless controller for the PlayStation 5, has a set release date. Preorders for the new gamepad will open very soon because it will be released on January 26 or October 25, to be exact.

When is the DualSense Edge Controller available for preorder?

Before its January release, DualSense Edge controller preorders will start on October 25. Also, these preorders are only through PS Direct. The controller will remain available only through PS Direct until February 2023. Further, the official release date is for January 26. It is for countries like the US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

What places will accept a preorder?

PlayStation Direct is the place to place preorders for the Controller in the US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Additionally, it won’t be available to additional partnering retailers until February 23, 2023.

The controller won’t be available for purchase from retailers. These retailers include Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and others for a few more months. Therefore, for the time being, we probably all have to purchase one directly from Sony.

Sony Confirms PS5 DualSense Edge Controller Features, Price, and Release Date

About DualSense Edge

DualSense Edge is a premium controller. It was first unveiled at Opening Night Live at Gamescom. It appears to be Sony’s response to Xbox’s Elite controller line. Also, it is a highly customizable controller. It enables you to establish unique control mappings.

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Also, it allows the deactivation of particular buttons, as described in a PS Blog entry. Visually, the controller is pretty similar to the ordinary DualSense. But it has a few added features to make it more upscale. As with the Xbox controller, you may anticipate replaceable thumb stick caps and customizable dead zones.

What does the controller include?

 The DualSense Edge Controller includes a  wireless controller, 2 Standard caps, 2 Low dome caps, 2 Lever back buttons, and a carrying case. Further, it consists of a USB braided cable, 2 High dome caps, 2 Half dome back buttons, and the Connector housing.

What is the Price?

The price for the DualSense Edge controller in the US was $199.99; in the UK was £209.99. Also, in Europe, it was €239.99. 

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DualSense Edge vs. Xbox Elite Series 2

The Sense Edge includes adjustable trigger hair locks on the back of the device. It means you can adjust the travel distance of the controller’s triggers. Also, it is useful when playing competitive shooters. Also useful when you want to minimize the dead zone while playing racing games.

Button remapping is also available on both controllers. The Xbox Elite Series 2 offers three ways to remap buttons, including one that requires going to the Accessories app on your Xbox. 

The DualSense Edge, as noted in the PlayStation Blog, features an “on-controller user interface.” Also, a dedicated Fn button will allow you to adjust your controller’s settings and other things like game volume.

One thing that certainly provides a competitive edge for the DualSense Edge is the ability to replace the stick modules. Also, it is something the Xbox Elite controller does not offer. However, the stick modules will be sold separately. The fact that you can change the thumbsticks entirely is a big deal. The option to replace the thumbsticks will help increase the longevity of the DualSense Edge. 

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