Oh no! What Happened to Zac Efron’s Beautiful Face?!

Now that Zac Efron has addressed the allegations made about his face, he is clarifying what truly occurred.

Back in 2021, Zac made an appearance in a Facebook Watch video for a Bill Nye and Bill Nye Earth Day special. People on social media began speculating on whether or not Zac had received botox or plastic surgery after seeing that the structure of his face appeared to have changed in the video.

In a recent interview with Men’s Health, Zac discussed the response to his appearance as well as the horrific injury that set the whole thing off.

Zac Efron discusses his facial injury and rumours of plastic surgery

Zac explained to the media that he was racing around his house wearing socks when he unintentionally slipped and fell face first. He slid, hit his face against a granite fountain corner, and went unconscious. He went on to say that when he first woke up, his chin bone was protruding from his face.

Zac had physical treatment to aid in the recovery of his broken jaw, but he eventually had to take a break when he was in Australia. According to the publication, Zac claimed that because he stopped chewing, “part of the face’s masseter muscles, which are employed for that purpose, had to compensate for the others not being in optimal condition.”

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Zac explained why his jaw appeared that way in the video by saying, “The masseters just grew.” They simply grew extremely large.

Zac Efron underwent plastic surgery, right?

Of course, it is conceivable that Zac Efron underwent legitimate plastic surgery. Zac had not, according to a close friend of his, and Efron hasn’t acknowledged to anything. Many celebrities had procedures done to alter their bodies and looks, so if Zac made the same decision, he wouldn’t be alone.

If Efron did decide to have surgery, there are several concerning elements to consider; some people wonder if he has ever struggled with body image. He acknowledged that getting in shape for Baywatch wasn’t fun or simple, but he also said that he received a tonne of assistance (from personal trainers, nutritionists, and cooks).

Why Has Zac Efron Changed His Appearance?

Zac Efron’s face does appear less “puffy” in recent images, but his appearance hasn’t changed much from a year or more ago. It’s obvious from looking through his Instagram images that he’s changed over time.

It’s difficult to pinpoint a precise moment when his face abruptly changed appearance, though. In addition to frequently posting throwback pictures, Zac has also posted pictures and videos from movies he’s worked on. The most of the behind-the-scenes photos, meanwhile, are now a little stale.

An Easy Justification For Zac Efron’s Changing Appearance

Zac’s Instagram photographs and recent projects can be combed through by followers all day to track his shifting appearance, but they might be reading too much into the situation.

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Fans who defended Zac Efron from Dr. Youn’s dental surgery hypothesis and the derogatory memes made about the actor have one straightforward explanation for why Zac looks different these days: he’s older.

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