NASCAR’s Special National Anthem Goes Viral: Who sang the song (video out)

The Hollywood Casino 400, the second race of the NASCAR Playoffs, is starting in Kansas. But because it’s the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, NASCAR added extra significance to the national anthem today.
A B2 bomber flew above as a member of the US military sang the national anthem. The Kansas Speedway crowd as a whole stood silently in awe of the dramatic event.

USA Network cameras captured the scene’s magnificence, and people have been raving about it on social media.

There have been over 16,000 views, 1,400 likes, and a tonne of heartfelt remarks and retweets for the video. Some of the highlights are as follows:
“This will crank up your 5.1 surround sound system to the maximum! Wow! “a user posted.

As if you didn’t know everything else is just a game, “So BadAss B2B Baby Our Badest Plain only comes out for rare events like NASCAR,” commented another.

Another said that “Dawg NASCAR is the only Motorsport that invites B-2 bombers to fly overhead, and instead of the fans feeling shivers, they cheer it on.”

One final user said, “The Eternal Teenager is Hometown proud…best flyover anywhere.”

Everyone in Kansas City seemed to find the situation to be beautiful and to enjoy it.

On USA Network, the Hollywood Casino 400 is being broadcast.

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