iPhone 15 may have a USB – C port

A recent vote hinted at a move in the internet industry in the European Parliament. Compulsorily, businesses that have not yet incorporated USB-C into their cellphones have to do so because it is a universal port. This may mean that iPhone 15 shall have USB C port

Businesses like Apple do not use a USB Type-C connection on their phones. It is a significant move. By the end of 2024, Apple must transition over to USB-C on its iPhone range. Further, it is by the new European Union regulations. 

The decision is a result of growing e-waste worries. By allowing all manufacturers to utilize the same port, we can reuse previous charging adapters, reducing the need for new ones.

When do Apple iPhone 15 have to transition to USB-C?

Despite receiving a resoundingly favorable vote in Parliament, the new EU regulations have not yet received legal approval. Even while the legislation is essentially ready to be official, Apple will still have two years to implement the change, though, even then. 

Apple must include a USB-C port in every iPhone it releases. After the end of 2024, if it intends to keep selling them in Europe. The iPhone 15 release will be in September 2023. and the iPhone 16 will be released around September 2024. Only a few months before the new regulations take effect. As for the iPhone 17 release, which will be in or around September 2025, Apple must include USB-C. 

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It turns out that the sale of items is permitted

According to a report, the press release for the new regulations. Also, it indicates Apple or any other company will still be permitted to sell the older phones with the older connection ports provided. They adopt another port other than USB-C before the deadline. 

It’s not necessary to connect an iPhone 15 or iPhone 16 to USB-C

It means that if Apple continues to release new products in September throughout the coming years. It will not legally compel to switch to USB-C until the iPhone 17, even after 2024. The company will be able to sell the iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 with the older connectors even if it releases those models with a Lightning port.

Apple doesn’t need to introduce Type-C connectors with the upcoming iPhone 15. But some sources have stated that the tech giant is already testing the new port on smartphones. 

Reputable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently suggested that the iPhone 15 series come with Type-C ports. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has also claimed that Apple is testing USB-C-enabled iPhones.

How does this affect you?

Buyers of the iPhone 15 won’t need to purchase a separate charger. Since they already own a USB Type-C charger if Apple switches to USB-C as soon as next year. 

Users of iPhones with Lightning ports will still be able to use their phones and old chargers. If the change happens with the iPhone 16 or 17, from a usage perspective, the absence of a USB connection shouldn’t be a significant issue. 

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