Wynonna Judd dismisses rumors of fighting with sister Ashley over their mom’s will

Wynonna Judd wants to remain anonymous in the narrative. Wynonna Judd has refuted reports that she and Ashley Judd are at odds over their late mother, Naomi’s fortune.

At 76, Naomi committed suicide in April of this year. Wynonna claims that Larry Strickland, Naomi’s husband of 33 years, is the executor of her inheritance in Naomi’s will. 

What Statement did Wynonna Judd give?

Ashley and Wynonna would reportedly split Strickland’s estate after his passing. Hence she doesn’t see any justification for challenging it either. 

Additionally, Wynonna continued, “I am the only person in this family who knows anything like this, and if Ashley were here, I’d hope she’d agree with me. I lack the sophistication to declare. I’m going to contest the will. I never thought of it.

Although Wynonna and Ashley Judd haven’t always gotten along, their shared loss has brought the two sisters closer. Then Wynonna stated, I am dependent on Ashley because both of my parents have passed away, apparently got the two sisters closer. She relies on me. Differently, one that involves compassion is not required to be successful, wise, and capable. With each other, we are fragile and vulnerable. However, the two sisters are coping with their loss differently. 

Ashley Judd claims sister Wynonna tried to spy on her via GPS - UPI.com

Ashley has generally requested confidentiality during this time to protect the privacy of her mother’s death records. Moreover, in the meantime, Wynonna is continuing the trip she initially intended to take with her mother. She has also discussed in detail how she grieved.

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What was their response to the magazines?

“There is no argument between Wynonna and the actress,” she told a magazine. Hence it is in response to rumors that she and Ashley are at odds over the will.

Wynonna was at Ashley’s house when she overheard someone say, “Hey, are you aware that this is about you? she said, Huh? She is at odds with Ashley right now. Oh. Again? ‘the musician remembered. Disputes concerning what? I lead such a wonderful life. Ashley leads an amazing life. What makes us battle for the will?”

Wynonna continued by saying she wouldn’t know how to go about obtaining if she wanted more of her late mother’s possessions and life savings.

Wynonna Judd Says She and Sister Ashley Judd Are "So United" After Mom Naomi Judd's Death

Division of Inheritance

When Strickland passes away, Wynonna says she and Ashley will divide the inheritance. In addition, the country singer said, “The friendship she has with her sister is the most powerful in my life.” Additionally, she said that Naomi’s passing had brought them closer together.

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