Why Soundcloud likes is the most important metric?

You have already registered on the platform and have no idea which metric to focus on first. Maybe comments? Plays or followers? In fact, each metric is important when you just start promoting your profile as an artist. However, all musicians who used social media platforms for promoting their music content came to the conclusion at the most important one is likes.

Why is the number of likes important?

There is a number of reason why artists on Soundcloud should focus on getting likes first:

It improves the credibility of your profile and you gain a reputation

Likes show how much your content is valued and how many people really enjoyed it. The more likes you get the more people to understand that users consider your content as worth spending their time on.

You get a clear picture of what to post

By analyzing the number of likes it gets very easy for you to see what your audience is about, what their integers are, and what kind of content they prefer. You get to examine what you post and start uploading content that will get more positive impressions and likes.

-It affects Soundcloud algorithms

Soundcloud as well as other social media panels have its own algorithms. It is not a secret that likes can not only boost your popularity by their number but it’s also considered an “activity” by the platform. The more active your profile gets the more people it will attract that will give you likes. As a result, your content will be shown to more people.

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-You’ll beat up your competitors’ content

When you get more likes your content gains authority and it is more valued than others. By improving your likes rate you get a chance to beat up your competitors and make your music go viral. It gets organic promotion as you get more impressions.

How to get likes on Soundcloud for free?

It is possible to get likes for absolutely free. There are a lot of tips on where to get them and how to do that properly:

1. Share your profile

Sharing can take you places and it is actually a great tool to make your content more exposed to wider audiences. You can do that on as many social media platforms as you wish. You can choose to post on Instagram in Stories, on TikTok using a short video, on YouTube, post on Twitter, etc. The more you spread awareness about your music on Soundcloud the more people will visit your page to see what it is all about.

2. Choose relevant tags

Picking the correct tags for your music on Soundcloud is key. This is the fastest way people look for the content on the platform. Consider choosing the words that can best describe your tracks and choose the most relevant ones based on the genre, season, melody, etc.

You provide your audience with a short and coherent description of your tracks making it possible for them to understand what your content is about rather than figuring it out on their own. This way they will be far more likely to listen to your music and leave likes.

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3. Posting schedule

 Come up with your own posting schedule so your potential followers and listeners will know when you release a new track. It will help you show to your followers that you’re still active and have a lot of music content to share. This way your audience understands when you post and they will check your new release more often and so they don’t miss your new uploads and leave likes.

4. Quality

Posting quality content is very important in any sphere and on any social network. It shows that you really care about your content and what you put out there on the internet. Your aim on Soundcloud is to attract as many people as possible. Clearly, when the sound is of bad quality it is impossible to listen to it longer than 5 seconds. In this case, users just skip it. When users listen to your tracks and they are of really good quality and nicely edited you will surely get a like and even a new follower.


5.Get likes from SMM panels


In case if you don’t have time on promoting your account on your own and you want to focus more on the quality of your content then you should consider getting promotion services from trustworthy SMM panels. In fact, a lot of users already do that and it is a very effective tool to use for both beginners and users who have been on the platform for a while.


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To buy Soundcloud likes is absolutely legal and you won’t get banned or suspended from the platform. Our professionals make sure that your profile gets a quality promotion and for that, all of the services comply with the terms and conditions of the platform, and the promotion looks organic. To save your time on Views.Biz you can even get services without registration. All you have to do is just introduce your profile link, and the number of likes you’d like to get and choose the payment method.

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