Is Arsenal in the 2022/2023 Title Race, Or is this just a Purple Patch?

After a few games into the new season, Arsenal has shown a high level of motivation and discipline. The team has been on the front foot since Gabriel Jesus entered the squad. Fans have become quite excited to see their team play because winning is guaranteed once they enter the field, and the Premier League predictions seem to favor the Gunners.

Arteta seems to have gotten it right, and they look unstoppable. The goals keep coming, and the defensive side remains solid as they rarely concede. We can count the time they’ve conceded in the league, and it remains a mystery how Arsenal is doing. Even when other top teams are struggling, the Gunners are flourishing.

We see the team dominating the North London derby this season. Last season was unfortunate as they lost the game that could have secured the top four spot for them. They were close to making it back to the UCL after some years, but they fell short towards the end of the season, which wasn’t pleasant.

We think the team has what it takes to keep going, but it is the English Premier League, and we all know how unpredictable the league can get. However, we can see them entering some of the top Premier League picks in most match weeks because of how the team is dominating games and doing well.

Arteta has done so much good for the team, and we can say he is a gem for this North London team. He has been able to fix some of the major problems that plagued the team last season, and we can now say that the attack is excellent. We can all agree on an incredible start to the season. But the question is – can they continue on this trajectory?

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Is this a purple patch that some teams get at the start of the season and then fall short after a while? Or would it be one of those epic Arsenal runs where they would be one of the top title contenders? Keep reading to find out what we think about Arsenal in the 2022/2023 English Premier League season.

Arsenal’s Start to the Season

We can’t deny that Arsenal has had an incredible start to the season. They’ve had a dominant run that shows how serious they are with performing well in the league. It shows they’ve learned their lesson from what happened last season and are ready to push for the title or get as close as possible.

They remain the only team with a formidable start to the season. No one can rival how well they’ve done against their opponents. They have been the best team in London, and we think this might just be the season. Arsenal makes it to the UEFA Champions League, even if they can’t win the EPL title.

Facing the Top Teams

Many pundits and punters believe that since they are yet to face any of the big six, we can’t say they are one of the contenders for the title. As a result, many people are not making the Premier League predictions today for the title race. If they can face any top teams and dominate, it will show if they are ready to make it.

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In that case, facing the top teams would be what would propel them to the top of the list and keep them as one of the top contenders. Or, it can expose their flaws and show that it was a purple patch and would need to be attended to if they want to make the top four this season.

Biggest Challenges to the Title

The team’s most significant challenge to the title is Manchester City. Pep Guardiola’s team has been dominant for many years and has shown some of the best footballing abilities in the league. No team comes close to the Cityzens, and their goal is continuously winning the EPL.

If Arsenal wants to win the league, they must be at their best for most of the season. They can’t slip up at any point in the league. Because if they do, they will find themselves trailing to Manchester City. So, it is a tough task, but if they want to win the title, the Gunners have to show the highest level of discipline and motivation.

Our Thoughts

This Arsenal team is unlike last season’s based on their start to the season and how well they’ve performed in the preseason. The team has continuously pushed for the win and remains one of the best teams across Europe. Their first three games in the league were complete domination, which has helped push them ahead of others.

The only problem is that we don’t know if they can continue on this path because of different factors. Injuries to key players can cause a drop in performance, and if they didn’t handle the heat when the schedules become tight, they would fall from the top. So, we would like to hold off any conclusions until the league gets halfway.

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