Google Nest wifi Pro Is here!

As expected, Google has unveiled the Nest wifi Pro mesh router system. Also, it has a more streamlined design. Hence it has faster wifi 6E speeds and a simple setup. 

When Google’s new smart home protocol debuts, it will also function as a Matter hub. But it will cost a little more than the existing Nest wifi router.

The appearance of the Nest wifi Pro 

Google Nest Wifi Pro: new router arrives in Portugal for €219.99 - Tech Update

The Nest wifi Pro has a similar rounded appearance to the previous version. But Google claims it uses a high-gloss material. Furthermore, this material is an inspiration by ceramics. Further, overall it is made of more than 60% recycled materials.

Compared to the wifi Nest, it appears incredibly shiny in the promotional photographs. Since nest wifi pro has a matte surface. It will be available in four earth-tone-inspired tones to blend nicely with most homes. Moreover, these tones were Snow, Linen, Fog, and Lemongrass.

Reliable Internet Connection via nest Wi-Fi pro

A crucial component is the tri-band wifi 6E protocol. Hence Google claims to offer a faster and more direct path to the most reliable internet connection via nest wifi proo. Additionally, it operates on the less congested 6GHz frequency. 

The result includes support for the newest smartphones. In addition, it contains other wifi 6E-compatible devices and speeds. It can be up to twice as fast. It prioritizes high-bandwidth activities. These activities include video chats or streaming. At the same time, it analyzes network performance and optimizes connections to keep things moving quickly.

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Actions of The new Google Home app 

The new Google Home app will alert you of any connection problems. It provides step-by-step directions for a straightforward setup, according to Google. Additionally, you can control your children’s screen time and security with wifi scheduling. And also possess the ability to block inappropriate information.

The Nest wifi Pro can simultaneously handle video conversations, 4K movies, and security camera feeds. It is compatible with the majority of connected smart home devices. A single router can cover 2,200 square feet, according to Google. 

It has a Thread border router built to link intelligent home appliances using a low-power mesh. It will also support Google’s upcoming Matter smart home protocol when it launches later this year.

You’ll spend more than the current Nest wifi device for all of it. One unit costs $200 instead of $169 for the existing Nest wifi router. Then two units cost $300, and three units cost $400. Pre-orders are available, and shipping will begin on October 27, 2022.

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