Why is it Vital to Discuss Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in the Classroom?

Why do we read Romeo and Juliet today? The forbidden love in Romeo and Juliet is a theme that still resounds with couples whose love is frowned upon today. This may be due to the religion or race of their parents. It is also probably the most famous love story ever written. Just about everyone all over the world knows about the story of Romeo and Juliet. Discussing it in the classroom helps students to understand why it is a classic that will always be relevant.

The play contains many common themes

What inspired Shakespeare to write Romeo and Juliet? Shakespeare was inspired by a long narrative poem written by English poet Arthur Brooke. He, in turn, had based his poem on a tale by Italian Matteo Bandello. Romeo and Juliet has inspired many other plays, movies, TV shows and novels. When audiences can make the connection, it enriches their experience. The play is about a young couple falling in love against all odds and is extremely appealing. Many of the themes in Romeo and Juliet are still relevant today – love, parents, destiny and rivalry.

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Studying Shakespeare broadens minds

By the mid-19th century, two books you were likely to see in every American home were the Bible and one of Shakespeare’s plays. His plays are still commonly studied in schools and universities all over the world. This is because studying Shakespeare can help to teach students critical thinking skills and broaden their minds. It gives them insights into the past and can inform their present understanding.

It’s accessible to young people

The Capulets and Montagues were great enemies, and so Romeo and Juliet’s love was forbidden. In society’s imagination, they have come to represent all star-crossed lovers. They face many issues that young people in love may face and will continue to face for years to come.

Many of the characters in Romeo and Juliet are young people. The play explores issues that young people often experience, such as romance, parental pressure and peer pressure. Teen angst and unfulfilled love are themes young people can identify with.

Students can act out scenes from the play

The language and the time period can be difficult for students who have to study Romeo and Juliet. It can help to stage performances of scenes from the play. This will engage students and offer a lively and visual learning experience. Let students audition for a part.

One scene that’s a good one to act out is when Romeo speaks to Juliet at her bedroom window. They pledge their love for each other and arrange to marry secretly the following night. When Juliet says her most famous lines, “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?,” she is obviously talking about why he is Romeo and not where he is, as some people may think.

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Teach students how to use irony

There are various forms of irony in the play. You think it’s a love story, but it turns into a tragedy. Juliet asks Friar Lawrence, who married the lovers, to help her. He gives her a potion that will make it seem as though she is dead, and Romeo will come and rescue her.

The irony is that he thinks she is really dead because he doesn’t receive the letter telling him about the friar’s scheme. He returns to Verona and kills himself. Juliet wakes up and finds Romeo dead at her side. She stabs herself to death.

Help students understand tragedy

Whose fault is it that Romeo and Juliet died? A chain of tragic incidents leads to their death. When they first fall in love, they are immature, and their love is too. It has elements of lust and convenience in their motivations. The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is that they die young and never get the opportunity to see if their love will mature and grow into a deep, long-lasting relationship.

Understand more about the nature of love

Romeo and Juliet is not a simple love story. It throws out some difficult questions about love. In the play, Romeo and Juliet meet, marry and die within a couple of days. There are many references in the play to physical love, and this makes Juliet’s innocence in the beginning quite noticeable.

Romeo also goes from relative innocence to experience. There is more sexual awareness in the play than people may realize, and this can raise many interesting discussions with students about the difference between love and lust etc.

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There are many reasons to study Romeo and Juliet in the classroom. It may seem like a simple love story, but it is far more. It is enmeshed in people’s minds, and references to it are made constantly. It covers universal themes that are of interest to young people. Their lives can be enriched by studying this classic.

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