Roger Waters concerts cancelled over Ukrain War Remarks

Following recent remarks, the singer-songwriter made regarding the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. A concert venue in Kraków, Poland, has cancelled two forthcoming performances by the former leader of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters.

Announcement Regarding Decision

The decision was made on September 24 and shared on Twitter by Live Nation Poland and Tauron Arena Kraków later, after media reports claimed that Roger Waters had cancelled the dates, which were for April 2023 schedule. 

Waters refuted the claims as part of his This Is Not A Drill tour. The tour will make its next stop at the Crypto Arena in Los Angeles this Tuesday and Wednesday.

Roger Waters Announcement on Facebook

Roger Waters accuses Poland of 'censoring' after cancelling his gigs over Ukraine war comments | Daily Mail Online

On Facebook, Waters claimed that a town official in Kraków had called for a boycott of the musician’s performances. Threatened to hold a meeting asking the council to declare me “persona non grata.” 

Because of my public efforts to urge all parties involved in the tragic conflict in Ukraine, particularly the USA and Russian governments, to work toward a negotiated peace. Rather than escalate things towards a bitter end that could be a nuclear war—the extinction of all life on this planet.

He continued, “he has been eager to spread my message of love to the people of Poland, something he has done on numerous tours throughout his career. That has persisted for more than fifty years. It will be a devastating loss for him if Mr. Ukasz Wantuch succeeds in his endeavor. He then postpones his next concerts in Krakow.”

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Open Letter by Roger Waters

On September 5, Waters published an open letter on Facebook to Volodymyr Zelensky’s wife, Olena Zelenska. Pink Floyd’s song “Wish You Were Here” contains the lyric, In the past, trying to end a war. 

It is by supplying more weapons into a firefight has never been successful. The phrase It won’t work now appears in the song. 

Later he said, “If he is wrong, could you please explain how? If he is not mistaken, kindly help him in his honest attempts to persuade our leaders to stop the killing. It only furthers the agendas of the ruling classes and radical nationalists in the West and your beautiful nation.” On the backs of the rest of all common folk in the West, the Ukrainians, and, in fact, common folk everywhere else in the world.

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