“The “called off” LG Rollable is viewed in another video; seems really cool”

In an alternate reality, this might have been one of the most advanced phones in 2021. It made only a tiny number of LG Rollable units in this timeline. They were as souvenirs to the staff. 

It appeared in a few pictures and even a brief video. But it generally vanished from view. An intriguing alternative to foldable has now been demonstrated in full in a South Korean YouTube channel video.

It begins with the custom box, which unfolds like how the phone’s recognizable rollable display expands to the side. When turned off, the phone itself appears rather typical. It is not particularly thick, like foldable. The 285g weight of this stiff phone makes it heavier than most others. Also, this is with a 4,500mAh battery inside.

LG Rollable Display

The canceled LG Rollable shows up in another hands-on video

The 6.8″ P-OLED display of the phone, which by default has curved sides, is the critical technological advancement of the device. Then with a swipe motion, though, it expands horizontally, increasing the diagonal to 7.4″ and creating a 3:2 aspect ratio.

Some apps automatically convert to their tablet interface in this mode. It applies to settings, YouTube, and other places. Even the home screen wallpapers can fluidly enlarge and reduce the size to fit the screen.

By rolling around the back, the display avoids the precise curve required for foldable. However, the expanded section of the screen is not entirely flat. It is pleasant and smooth when closing the screen. 

However, if you hold it at the proper angle, this is on view and won’t be apparent when used commonly. It does, however, appear somewhat soft and flexible when touched.

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Phone Memory

The phone has a Snapdragon 888, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. It is a very average 2021 flagship. A 64MP wide and a 12MP ultra-comprehensive module make up the camera configuration on the back.

You may use the display that is on the back. Though the remainder of the time, widgets and notifications are displayed. The cool part is that this is the main display rather than a secondary one! At 8:45, you can see it moving. There is a little camera hidden in the top bezel of the front for standard selfies.

The keyless design, reminiscent of the abandoned LG Velvet 2 Pro, is one intriguing aspect. Instead of physical buttons, controls volume with pressure-sensitive pads. The oddly placed SIM tray is in view when unrolling the phone. 

Stay tuned for further updates!

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