iOS 16.1 beta version is breaking GPS on iPhone 14 pro

Owners of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max should be advised that the iOS 16.1 beta is preventing the GPS. Further, it is not functioning correctly on many users’ devices. For now, anyone who depends on location monitoring should stay away from the beta.

Bugs in Beta Software

Although bugs are prevalent in beta software, this impacts an essential aspect of the iPhone. So we feel compelled to convey this warning to iOS. Users of the iPhone 14 Pro who have already updated to the iOS 16.1 beta must downgrade to iOS 16.0.1. Else they should wait until a subsequent iOS 16.1 beta fixes the problem. Further, the origin of the bug is unknown. Furthermore, resolving this problem will enable GPS capability. 

Dual-frequency GPS Support

All the iPhone 14 Pro models support dual-frequency GPS, just like the Apple Watch Ultra. Additionally, it means that both are weaker L1 frequencies. GPS satellite signals use the more robust L5 frequency. 

iPhones can receive, more efficiently, passing through obstructions like buildings and trees. Hence it is with improved mapping software location accuracy. Further combining the two signals should lead to other applications. Also, the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus lack support for dual-frequency GPS.

Additionally, as noted by MacRumors, users of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max should be informed. Further, if they dare to update to iOS 16.1 beta, it is. Their GPS will be essentially broken until further notice. If this feature is essential to you, you should hold off on installing this update.

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Functionality Not Working Well

Although a beta version may introduce functionalities that do not work quite well, the reality is that many users prefer to take chances to test specific features before anyone else. However, given the situation’s gravity, the GPS function essentially breaks. It is helpful to issue a warning.

Not Available for Purchase

The new iPhone 14 Plus won’t be available until October 7. But the new iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max handsets went on sale on September 16. People who want to purchase the product can still place pre-orders. 

While the Apple Watch Ultra won’t be available until September 23, Apple also unveiled the new Apple Watch Series 8 and updated Apple Watch SE yesterday.

Stay tuned for future updates!

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