Irritated at the new search button in iOS 16 update? Here’s how to remove it

With a single toggle, disable the occasionally grating home screen feature. You can now download iOS 16, which includes certain features and settings. Also, you’ll undoubtedly love some that you might dislike. Moreover, this is true of every major software update for the iPhone. It also applies to you if you have the new iPhone 14.

An outcry generates by installing the search button in iOS 16. Hence it is at the bottom of the home screen, directly above your dock. Many people are dissatisfied with the new home screen setup. 

Even though iOS’s search tool is essential for fast-finding text messages, files, settings, websites, and photographs, the new button is situated in a spot where it’s simple to hit unintentionally, especially when scrolling through your different home screen pages.

The reaction of Accidental Press to the New Search Button

iOS 16: How to Remove the Home Screen Search Button - MacRumors

Additionally, if you accidentally press the new Search button, the Search feature opens in full-screen mode. Then, to return to your home screen, you must swipe out of it, which is frustrating. Fortunately, getting rid of the new search button on your home screen is a simple fix.

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How to remove the updated search button in iOS 16?

The home screen page indication can reappear once the search button is disabled. When using an iPhone running iOS 16, open the Settings app. Select Home Screen, and turn off the Show on Home Screen switch next to “Search.” 

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You will now see several dots showing your different home screen pages in place of the search button on your home screen. Nothing occurs when you press on it. After deleting the home screen button, you may still access the search feature using the standard method and swiping down from anywhere on your screen.

The current page’s dot turns white. So you always know where you are if you have many of them. Each dot on your home screen stands for a page of icons. The home screen editing page will open when you long press on the indicators on the home screen. You can conceal and reorder the pages as you see fit.

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