How to Customize your iOS 16 Lock Screen?

With iOS 16, the biggest change is around the Lock Screen. The process of customizing the lock screen has been completely reinvented in Apple’s newest iPhone operating system, iOS 16. There are many options for customizing the iOS 16 lock screen. You can alter the font style and color, add widgets, and even improve the utility of your security screen.

Users can start customizing the Lock Screen to give it a more personalized touch. Here’s how to change the Lock Screen on your iPhone.

Apple iOS 16 Lock Screen: How to change from Settings

There are two ways of changing the Lock Screen. One is via the Settings app and the second is via the Lock Screen itself. First, let’s take a look at how you can customize from the Settings app.

  • Open Settings and go to Wallpaper.
  • Tap on Add New Wallpaper option and a bigger menu should open up.
  • It will show options for some Featured Wallpapers as well as dedicated menus for Lock screens based on ‘Weather & Astronomy’, ‘Emoji’, ‘Collections’, and ‘Colour’.
  • On top, you will see options for Photos, Photo Shuffle, Emojis, Weather, Astronomy, and Colour as well.
  • Select the desired one. Apple will show how this lock screen will appear but you will notice that the Time option will have a box around it, indicating this can be tweaked further.
  • Tap on the ‘Time’ shown and another menu will pop up letting you tweak the font and color.
  • Select the desired font. After this, choose font color by keep swiping for more color options
  • Now, Apple will ask if you want to set this as a Wallpaper pair or customize the Home Screen.
  • If you go with the wallpaper pair, then the same is applied to both the Lock Screen and Home Screen. If you want to customize the Home Screen further you can tap on that option and do so
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How to change the Lock screen Settings from the Lock Screen?

Apple provides you the option to edit the Lock Screen even if your iPhone is locked. Just long press on the wallpaper of the Lock Screen and the Customise option should appear.

You can swipe left and right and you will see other Lock Screens you would have created earlier. You can either go with one of them or press on the plus symbol to add a new one.

How to add Widgets to the Lock Screen?

  • When you touch and hold the screen, the Customize button will appear at the bottom of the Lock Screen.
  • To add widgets to your Lock Screen, select Customize, then tap the box next to the time display.
  • The widgets you want to add can be tapped or moved.
  • You can tap “-” to delete a widget to make a place for a new one if there isn’t enough room left.

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