10 Inspiring and Motivational Mangas for Students

The genre is one of the most uplifting materials for school student readers to enjoy in their spare time. Japanese manga comics present a wide range of exciting storylines. Most readers like inspiring manga because of their love for Japanese culture and compelling storylines. Mangas offer a different life perception in unimaginable ways. You will not be wrong when you claim that the genre is a superb blend of psychology, intellect, and philosophy.

In this article, we’ve discussed the top 10 motivational anime for learners. You can find inspiration from these inspirational Mangas to keep you going.

Some might say that pupils can’t acquire knowledge from manga and anime. However, this is false. Many research papers and essays dispute it. There’s a lot they can teach you, including historical figures, the human body, and Moyashimon. Examples of top educational anime include Cell at Work, Bakuman, Silver Spoon, Dr. Stone, Wandering Son, etc. Readers are lucky to have a vast range of options to choose from. You’ll never go wrong with educational anime or manga whether you want to relax, laugh or read something worthwhile.


Haikyuu is one of the most entertaining shojos. It narrates the tale of a learner with a tiny body who wants to become a pro volleyball player. Immediately after finishing middle school, he joins Karasuno High School and finds a solid team. Despite his small stature, he’s blessed with speed, agility, and massive jumping power. The important lesson we can grasp here is body posture shouldn’t be a killer of aspirations.

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Kuroko no Basuke

The title tells a story of a secondary school basketball team with trust and cooperation between teammates who win the national basketball championship in Japan. Despite facing opponents with more talented players, they are not stopped from winning, thanks to trust & cooperation between members.

One Piece

Number 3 on our list is One Piece. We can claim this is a legendary one because it has been around for many decades and is still going. It narrates the story of the main character with the aim of achieving the stable job of a pirate king. With his teammates’ support and persistence, he defeated several strong opponents. The impressive thing about this title is it contains humor.

Captain Tsubasa


Most comic fans are familiar with this comic. It is highly stimulating because of its storyline. Tsubasa wants to become the world’s best athlete. He missed many of his journeys to realize this dream. Whether it’s winning inter-school games as a child and joining several popular football teams in Europe.


Although this title is finished, it’ll be an excellent read for someone who has not read it. It narrates the chronicle of a kid ostracized because of a monster in his body. However, he still aims to become Hokage or the village leader so that villagers will acknowledge him. By discussing various struggles, Naruto’s plot shows that each individual in the village starts to recognize him, and he becomes the village hero. In the end, people believe in him and want him as a leader.

Assassination Classroom

The school comedy was featured as a manga in the year 2012. The subject of this anime series is perfect for undergrads because the storyline’s background is a class of underachieving learners. They get the task of assassinating a super-being. If they fail, the planet will get destroyed. The title covers different learning methods that involve uniform learning and tailored teaching. The version conveys a beautiful lesson about positive thinking.

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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Hiromu Arakawa illustrated this highly motivating Japanese literature, and it can be a good and robust guide for learners to deal with obstacles in their life and achieve their dreams. It carries a powerful message: “Even if the eyes are closed, there’s a whole universe out there that lives beyond us.” It teaches us the importance of perseverance and determination, which will demonstrate great value.

Dragon Ball

Most values in our society consider fighting as the ultimate act of radicalism. However, you’ll feel different after you watch this classic video show by Akira Toriyama. According to one of the scenes, it’s not a sin to fight if you’re doing it for the right cause, and there are those whose words are not enough. The short storyline begins with a martial arts learner. He’s inspired to acquire all balls. His journey is an excellent portrayal of perseverance, strength, and more.

Hajime no Ippo (The First Step)

The sports anime tale is a boxing comic written and illustrated by George Morikawa. The man of the moment is an introverted schooler, making it easy for students to get interested. The title offers an excellent note of how one shouldn’t give up. Passion and attitude can lift you in many ways. Hajime no Ippo at number 9 is different from other stories where personality changes via magic. It showcases how working hard was rewarding in the end.

My Little Monster

The substantial Japanese literature is a Robico creation about a unique relationship between a girl and a boy. It also covered awesome messages. One cannot collect water if it is spilled. It narrates the account of Mizutani and Haru. The latter is a short-tempered person who scares others with violence and even gets suspended on the first day of school because of dispatching bullies with violence after he found them harassing someone else. Mizutani is tasked with delivering school materials to Haru, who interprets it as an act of friendship and latches on to her. It becomes the start of a potentially explosive and strange relationship.

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Japanese art inspires how the most significant comic events across the globe are organized. Unlike in previous years, you can locate cafes today where you can read your favorite Mangas for a specific rate. The adoptive family of learners is some of the most influential readers. It’s one goal that has helped most students learn to speak Japanese quickly. Most parents think that their kids shouldn’t be obsessed with comic genres. However, these incredible creations, such as Carole & Tuesday or Run with the Wind – relay race art, can be helpful to kids when growing up.

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