Charli D’Amelio to Addison Rae: Here Are the 6 Richest TikTok Stars

TikTok is truly leading the whole world. It is a fun app that lets you create and share videos with your friends. Besides the Entertainment platform, it becomes the top earning platform. This social media platform gives some of the biggest celebs to the industry. There are many TikTok Stars whose earnings are more than the CEO of the Company

This application was first developed as social media platform but later expand its market into the USA and other countries. Now, the platform has reached newer heights due to content creation skills.

Today, the Younger generation is digitally connected through this platform. Many lucky and talented people are successfully parlaying into millions of dollars.

This platform gives name, fame, and fortune to millions of Entertainers. Many influencers even dropped out the college to focus on their careers. TikTok influencers are considering it as a full-time job and becoming the richest person in the World.

You will be amazed to know that Several TikTokers have become millionaires in a short time and cashing out big paychecks these days.

We have compiled the list of some wealthiest TikTok stars that are making money every minute. Continue scrolling to find out who makes the list of the richest TikTokers on the platform.

The list of 6 richest TikTok Stars

1) Charli D’Amelio

Charli D’Amelio is the first TikTok star who got fame due to her dancing skills. She is just 17 but managed to sit on the comfortable throne of USD 8 million as her net worth. The number is getting bigger day by day.

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She first posted her dance video in June 2019 and that goes viral. After that, she keeps posting a series of dance videos. Afterward, singer Bebe Rexha invited Charli to join her in opening for the Jonas Brothers at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn.

Her successful career begins from here. She then left her hometown and moved to LA. Charli chronicled her time at Paris Fashion Week for Prada on TikTok. She joins sponsorship deals with companies like EOS cosmetics and appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for Sabra hummus.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, her net worth is $8 million. Along with selling her own merchandise, she published her first book, “Essentially Charli: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping It Real,” in December 2020. She and her sister, Dixie, star in their own TV show on Hulu.

With 133 million followers on TikTok, she makes her money from a clothing line and promotes products in TikTok videos and other ads.

According to a Wall Street Journal analysis of data D’Amelio’s compensation was higher than several CEOs of big publicly traded companies, including Exxon Mobil Corp.’s Darren Woods ($15.6 million in 2020), Starbucks Corp.’s Kevin Johnson ($14.7 million), Delta Air Lines Inc.’s Ed Bastian ($13.1 million) and McDonald’s Corp.’s Chris Kempczinski ($10.8 million)

Dixie D’Amelio, Charli’s older sister, has about half the TikTok followers of Charli D’Amelio. But she was the second-highest TikTok earner last year, according to Forbes, bringing in $10 million.

2) Baby Ariel

Ariel Martin better known as Baby Ariel is a 20-year-old influencer and singer. She begins her career on TikTok. Currently, she has more than 35 million followers on Tiktok. Forbes has featured her on its list of top influencers in entertainment.

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In addition to making music, she launched an anti-bullying campaign called #ArielMovement in 2015. Martin hosts “Disney Fam Jam” with Trevor Tordjman and has been nominated for a number of awards, including People’s Choice and iHeartRadio Music awards

She also has been featured in People magazine, Forbes, Billboard, and more. Her net worth stands at a sturdy USD 6 million.

3) Loren Gray

Loren Gray is a nineteen-year-old singer who has more than 52 Million followers on TikTok. Starting her career as a 6th grader, Gray has more than 50 million followers on the app now and has a promising net worth of USD 5 million at the age of 20.

The only person who knows How to brand is only Loren Gray. She’s earned $2.6 million through sponsorship deals with brands like Burger King and Revlon, and some from her singles with Virgin Records. Her new jewelry line, &always dropped in December 2020 and she has brand deals with Skechers, Lenovo, Burger King, and more.

Her primary focus at the moment is her new Revlon deal, creating content for the company’s TikTok account and Revlon-sponsored posts for hers.

4) Dixie Amelio

Dixie Amelio is Charli’s Elder sister and one of the best TikTok Stars. She got a lot of fame through TikTok. She has over 48 million TikTok followers, but she also has almost 23 million on Instagram.

Dixie has also recently turned her attention to YouTube, where she is constantly providing content for her 7.36 million subscribers. Plus, Dixie’s music career is just getting started. Her third single, “Roommates,” was released in December at the music video has over seven million views already.

The D’Amelios signed joint deals with clothing company Hollister and with Morphe, a cosmetics company. Dixie releases her first single “Be Happy” in June which is trending as the no. 1 video on YouTube

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5) Josh Richards

Josh gets the title of the highest-paid male TikTok star for his hard work and savvy business skills. He is a co-founder of TalentX Entertainment and Ani Energy. Currently, Josh has over 24 million followers on the platform,

Josh Richards managed to earn $1.5 million through sponsorship deals with Reebok and Houseparty, YouTube ad revenue, and a record deal with Warner Records, to name a few, according to Forbes.

He has also co-founded a talent management company, TalentX, and a business, Ani Energy. His net worth is estimated at $2.2 million, according to the wealthy fox.

6) Addison Rae Easterling

Easterling managed to earn millions of followers due to her goofy dance videos. after President Trump threatened to ban TikTok last weekend, 19-year-old Addison Rae Easterling did what she does best.
She posted a short-form video imagining her life without the wildly popular social media app: She’d return to LSU, where she started out as a freshman last year studying broadcast journalism.

Last year, her estimated worth was $5 million. She has sponsorship deals with American Eagle and Spotify.

A year ago, Easterling was just settling into life at LSU and making choreographed TikToks that drew on childhood as a competitive dancer. Her videos hit a million fans

That fall she posted her first sponsored content posts, for Fashion Nova, an online women’s clothing store, and in December, she left school for Los Angeles to pursue celebrityhood full-time. Later she joined Hype House to elevate her profile further.

Final Words

These are the top TikTok Stars that managed to earn a good dime more than the CEOs of America. The platform and their talent helped them to win this popularity. I hope you really find this post interesting.

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