PiP Video Editing: How To Make a Duet Video?

Fascinate to see How Content Creators manage to put a video recording on the corner of the screen? Picture-in-picture PiP video editing is among the must-have features for Video Creators. Video creators use PiP Video Editing tools to make duet videos for video chat calls, live gaming, interviews, and others.

PiP Video, is a video editing that places two videos over one another. This is a great feature for Video editing, Collages, and demos. People who share content online on sites like YouTube greatly access this feature to create an engaging video.

You will be amazed to know that Creating videos in PiP is not rocket science. Anyone just by reading this article will be able to create interesting videos for their channel by PiP Video Editing.

How to Create Duet Videos on Instagram?

Instagram recently brings a new Remix feature that will enable duets on Instagram reel videos. You can interact with another user’s reel by sharing your own video alongside it.
In order to access this feature, you first require to Enable the Remix feature from your Instagram Settings.
To enable head over to your profile page and then go to settings > Privacy > Reels > and then turn on Enable Remixing.
Note: If you enable remixing, anyone can create reels that play your video and their side by side.
  • Open your Instagram app and go to the reels tab.
  • Look for the reel that you want to remix
  • To remix a reel, tap the three-dot menu on a reel and select “Remix this Reel.”
  • From there, you can record your reel or upload pre-recorded footage by clicking on the Gallery icon on the left bottom corner.
  • Instagram also lets you edit the video by adding your own tweaks
  • After editing, publish it.
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Applications of PiP Video Editor

Video Messaging and Editing

If you had a video call with one of your followers and want to share it with your audience then  Picture-in-picture is very useful for you. One small video on the corner of the screen makes interaction faster and in-real time.


Dating sites use duet videos to arrange meet-ups and conversations. People can chat over video and see each other make the most significant decision of their life.

eLearning-process and explanation

Edutech companies and tutors also use duet videos to share lessons.

Journalism interviews and long-form commentary

Duet videos are also popular in journalism and commentary. Reporters and journalists use the picture-in-picture option to cover the event.

Final Words

That’s all about PiP Video Editor. To create professional videos, video editors are a must. Don’t wait and try to create a Duet video. These videos will definitely help you generate good traffic on your channel.

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