iPhone 14 preorders crashed the Apple Store this morning

Lovers of the iPhone claim that it’s challenging to preorder new Apple devices. Since people have reported problems with the Apple Store app and website not loading. Moreover, finance is not functioning, phone numbers are not validating, and credit cards are failing. Hence the iPhone 14, 14 Pro, and AirPods Pro 2 have all been preordered and are not functioning.

Pre pre–Order System in Apple

Apple has a pre-pre-order system that enables you to expedite the checkout process. Since it is just like they did with the iPhone 13 last year, also, you can choose the iPhone of your choice, pick accessories, and arrange for shipping and payment.

Yet the only thing left to do is check out once preorders are available. Additionally, this system appears to fail at an unnaturally high rate. However, it is based on public complaints.

Some people revealed that their shipment dates had been delayed. Further, it is by at least a week. Also, it is in front of those who will eventually approve orders. Provider websites appear to experience similar issues.

Issues with Apple Pay

Some iPhone Users Experiencing Issues With Apple Card Payments [Resolved] - MacRumors

Some are completing the process without incident, placing their orders. Also, their deliveries are scheduled for September 16. Tom Warren was a senior editor. Tom Warren had a little issue using Apple Pay.

Further, it is to pay among the roadside personnel, but others of us ran across obstacles. Even with Apple Pay and a pre-purchase setting, Alex Cranz had trouble getting an order. Alex Cranz is the editor-in-chief. At the same time, Jon Porter gave up after the store failed to register his phone number. Jon Porter is a reporter.

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Rumors About the iPhone 13’s Preorders 

There were rumors regarding the iPhone 13’s preorders not processing very correctly last year. Particularly for those attempting to use Apple Card or carrier upgrades during checkout. After the preorders began, the issue persisted for at least 30 minutes. However, it was before it finally started to happen. But not before shipping dates slipped by a few weeks.

Apple flat iPhone production 

According to reports, Apple foresaw flat iPhone production in 2018 compared to 2021. It was owing to a rise in technology purchases following the pandemic, supply restrictions problems, and smartphone advancement stalls.

Despite the buildup surrounding the iPhone 14 launch, however, iPhone revenue grew earlier this year. Perhaps there is more desire for the new models than anticipated.


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