Michael Eavis Net Worth: How Much Income Has Glastonbury Festival Founder in 2022?

Michael Eavis, the founder of Glastonbury Festival, is the owner of Worthy Farm. He is a popular Entrepreneur and Agriculturist who pursued his Political Career. Michael comes into the spotlight after establishing Glastonbury Festival.

He is recognized as one of the top 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine in 2009. Many people know him for his charity.

He is aiming to donate around $2 million every year. The most interesting thing about Michael is that he used to pay himself the salary of an Accountant.

Want to know everything about Glastonbury’s founder- how much he earns through the Glastonbury festival, his total net worth, personal life, Achievements, and more? Read our whole post

Who is Michael Eavis?

Michael Eavis came to this world on October 17, 1935, in England. Eavis received his primary education at Wells Cathedral School. After this, he went to Thames Nautical Training College before enlisting in the British Merchant Navy’s Union-Castle Line.

Eavis spends 20 years at sea after enlisting in the Merchant Navy as a trainee midshipman. His father was a farmer and a preacher. When his father passed away, he took the responsibility for his father and became an Agriculturist.

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Personal Life

Michael first married a woman named Ruth. From his first marriage, Eavis has three daughters- Juliet, Rebecca, and Jane. But they split up in 1964.

After their divorce, Eavis married Jean Hayball and produced a daughter named Emily and a son Patrick. But later due to the sudden death of his second wife, he finally married Liz Eavis.

How did Michael Eavis cofound Glastonbury Festival?

In 1969, Michael and his second wife Jean went to attend the Bath Festival of Blues. He got amused by watching the performance of Led Zeppelin. Michael got inspiration from here.

That same year, he co-founded the Glastonbury festival with Andrew Kerr. Glastonbury is an annual music festival that took place every year on the grounds of his dairy farm.

Now, Glastonbury Festival becomes the main source of his revenue. In the year 1970, he used to charge around 1.2 dollars for each ticket. In the present day, he charges around 80,000 dollars with a booking fee for each ticket.

How did Michael Eavis calculate his Salary?

You will get surprised to know that the founder of the huge festival used to pay himself a salary. As per the reports, Eavis used to pay himself around $80,000 every year- the salary that he pays to an accountant.

He even pays more to his cowman. In an interview, he reveals that he keeps the part that he deserves. He is really not at all interested in money. Michael likes to live his life in simplicity.

Glastonbury is alleged to bring $40 million in revenue

As per the reports, Michael Eavis, a co-founder of Glastonbury Festival makes tens of millions through this musical event. From which he keeps around $80,000 for himself. The rest of the income he pays is to charity after paying his workers and the Event costs

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He Presently working for ESPN as a sports anchor.

Besides being a good Businessman, he is considered the best Television anchor. He is currently working for ESPN as a Sports Sportscaster. He used to co-host NBA Countdown for programs that come before NBA Wednesday.

Michael won four LA-area Emmys in the categories of Outstanding Sports Feature and Best Sports Reporting.

Michael loves the life of Simplicity

Eavis is better known for his simple living and high thinking. Glastonbury Festival’s turnover is more than £32million. Eavis keeps around $60,000 as his salary of the year and donates £2m to charity each year after paying his staff’s wages and event costs.

He doesn’t buy a new car in 14 years and bought a house for himself with just a fraction of his income.

He doesn’t prefer to go abroad for vacations. Instead, opting to stay at his holiday cottage in Cornwall. This truly defines the level of his simplicity.

Facts & Trivia

  • He comes in a top celebrity who born in the United Kingdom
  • Michael is one of the best entrepreneurs
  • He wins many awards in the field of Anchors
  • A Successful Businessman

What is the total Net Worth of Michael Eavis?

According to the reports, Michael has a total net worth of £1.2million.

Talking about the assets, he inherits the family property of 150 acres (61 ha) and 60 cows. He owns a great farm where he used to run a Music Festival.

With this festival, he used to make around $44 million. He used to pay himself an annual salary of £80,000.

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Eavis pays around £ 2 million per year to charity after paying his staff and event costs. He is recently working as an anchor and earning great pounds

Final Words

That’s all about the famous American Michael Eavis. He likes to donate all his earnings as “he doesn’t want to carry earnings into the next year.” I hope you really find this post engaging.

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