Titles changed after Queen’s death. Let’s look whose who now!

The Royal highness died at 96 after ruling for 70 years. The funeral for the beloved monarch, who passed away at Balmoral with her family by her side, is currently underway. Queen Elizabeth was crowned as Her Majesty the Queen on 2 June 1952. She recently celebrated her 70th year on the throne. This makes her the second-longest reigning monarch in history.

What are the royal family’s new titles?

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Prince Charles is the eldest son of the current King. He has been given the title of Prince of Wales since 1958. Most importantly, he is the successor to the throne. Prince Charles is the new King. He will grab the title of King Charles III.

What will Prince William’s new title be?

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Following Prince Charles’ coronation, the Duke of Cambridge will be formally styled Prince of Wales. This will make him the 22nd heir to the throne to bear the title since its introduction in 1301.

No other royal family member held this title until Princess Diana married the Duke of Cornwall in 1981. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is thought to be honouring Princess Diana. Even though she would have automatically inherited it upon her marriage to Prince Charles.

The Queen said earlier this year that the Duchess of Cornwall would succeed to the title of Queen’s Consort upon Her Majesty’s passing. Moreover, This is a position held by the person who serves as the monarch’s companion.

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After additional review this morning, The Queen’s doctors showed concern about Her Majesty’s health. They have recommended she continue under medical monitoring, according to an official statement on Thursday. However, The Queen is still comfortable and at Balmoral.

What will be the new title of the Duchess of Cambridge?

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Most importantly, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton will likely become Princess of Wales.

Just after 4 o’clock, a plane carrying members of the royal family touched down in Aberdeen. Prince Andrew, the Duke of Cambridge, and Princess Sophie Wessex were among the passengers. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and her husband, the Duke of Cornwall, were already at the Queen’s side.

What’s next? 

Charles, as King, is also the head of state for all of the Commonwealth realm. This includes countries like Australia, Canada, and the Bahamas. The Commonwealth of Nations includes the United Kingdom and another 53 countries. The historical, cultural, or political ties to the British Empire elected Charles as its new head in 2018.

In sum, Charles is the longest-reigning heir apparent, and his actions, beliefs, and scandals have been under constant scrutiny. Even if Charles has been taking on more and more royal responsibilities as of late. However, this does not lessen the significance of this succession. Onyeka Nubia, a historian at the University of Nottingham, predicted that “there will be moments of uncertainty”. These moments would occur in every area where the monarch has influence. There will be “uncertainty” on all levels, including the political, cultural, and social.

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