Problems That the Film ‘The Crucible’ Highlights

The Crucible is one of the films that will remain iconic through the themes it portrays. The play The Crucible was published in the 50s, highlighting a lot of the context of those times. As with every work of art, mainly books, they portray how the world was back then or use elements from reality. Watching movies is one of the hobbies of many students. It is an activity that helps them unwind and relax after a long study day. However, some youngsters are more passionate about movies than others.

They decide to study cinematography and dream of a career in this domain. Creating a movie is a process that takes time and involves a lot of work. Not only the technical elements are important, but also the themes and how the actors play those characters. Movies can highlight some issues and problems that exist within society and draw attention to them. So, what are the problems that the film The Crucible highlights?


One of the major themes of the film The Crucible is irony. The action takes place during the Salem witch trials, a series of hanging and prosecutions of people who were thought to practice witchcraft. Everything started in 1692 in Salem village in Massachusetts, when a group of young girls said they were possessed by the devil and accused some women in the village of practicing witchcraft. The scene in the film where a group of young girls dances naked around huge cauldrons of witch potion is quite memorable.

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However, what is the irony here? Well, the irony is that the ones who thought they were fighting with the Devil, are actually doing its work. Local people and authorities were so eager and fast in capturing the witches and sending them to trial, then prosecute them. But as they thought they were clearing the village of evil spirits and people, they actually led it into chaos and paranoia.

This is an interesting theme that many students talk about in their essays. The Crucible is a movie that depicts many issues that are still present in our societies. If you are struggling with your essays, you can find a free The Crucible essay that will help you get started. You can find many free examples online that can inspire you to explore the problems and issues highlighted by this movie. Writing essays is not always easy, so if you feel you need help to explore some topics, do not be afraid to look for it. Teacher comments on students’ writing are essential for your development. Your student contract for grades will not be at risk as your grading college papers will be excellent.


The hysteria that was born when the Salem witch trials began is iconic for this event and it comes with an essential lesson. As people decided to condemn everyone involved with black magic, they missed the point. Those who accused others of black magic and sorcery were never liars, so they ended up sending to trial innocent people. The hysteria that was generated by the fear that there is an evil plot taking place within Salem village sends an essential message. It is crucial to understand and see the effects of fear.

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Even though it leads to healthy actions, such as in the case you see a bear, it sometimes can twist the reality you perceive. As there was a general hysteria around the village, the fear only grew stronger and stronger. And when the entire village is focused on the same thing, when everyone is suspecting anyone of witchcraft, when there is the thought of an evil plan, hysteria and fear boost each other.

Accusations Driven by All Kinds of Reasons

One of the problems highlighted in the film The Crucible is accusations. Even though some might think that this is not happening in real life, we all know life is full of surprises. We can easily see that accusations of witchcraft and black magic are not done based on real arguments, events, or facts. Some of them are made out of jealousy, as was the case of Abigail’s accusation of Elizabeth. Others are motivated by revenge, such as the accusation of Martha Corey by Walcott.

Final Thoughts

Many movies highlight important issues and problems that might still be present in our societies. The film The Crucible is one of them and it comes with essential messages and lessons. It shows what intense fear can lead to and how hysteria can make it more intense. It shows how people can do all kinds of things and actions for distinct reasons, such as jealousy and revenge. And if you are a cinematography student who does a research paper and is looking for essays or examples, do not be afraid to ask for help.

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